I'm the Deer in your Headlights

March 1, 2005

Just hit me, run me over, please. It'll take away the pain that was March 1st.

I am the biggest fucking retard in the history of the world. When your professors ask you questions about what who's majoring in what, don't put up your hand, under no circumstances are you to put up your hand. Why did I put up my hand?

I thought it was just a rhetorical question, how many of you are science majors? Don't put up your hand. Seems logical cause we're watching a movie about a chemistry teacher. Don't put up your hand. I should put up my hand.

I'm on a panel of reviewers that has to stand in from of a 200 person lecture and give my stupid opinion of the movie. Why the fuck did I put up my hand? I don't know what I said, I think I blacked out while I was talking. Like in Old School when Will Farrell is debating and he has no idea what he said after. It was just like that.

And then we had to stand there for 15 minutes, while he kept lecturing, just in case of who knows what. Never put up your hand.

The guy in the yellow shirt it now a dangerous color of red, a few minutes more and he definately would have exploded. At least some attention would be taken away from me. Why is this crazy physics major still arguing about ratios? I don't know, its all a blur to me.

Move on, keep walking, you're at your EDIT midterm, oh god, what's a webpage again? How do I open Microsoft Word? Why can't I write in binary code, and why did he tell us we didn't need to and then put it on the test.

Why is the TA staring at me? I should never have been polite to him.. please don't close that door right beside me, you're driving me crazy, and most likely I would have fallen asleep during this test except for the fact that you keep pacing in front of me like a crazy person.

Stop telling me to leave the hallway Felix, I'm not talking to anyone, I'm taking a nap. I sleep in hallways, I can sleep anywhere, such is the life of a student.

Although, I will never sleep in CAB again, as Campus Security caught some chick giving a guy a hand job on one of the couches. What the fuck is wrong with people?


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