Day 4

September 29, 2011

Food and water down the hatch.  I'm watching comedy night thinking about popcorn.  But I've already eaten all my food.  So no popcorn today.  It wouldn't be the same anyway, I'm having visions of butter smothered, ultra salted popcorn.  And since that's no longer an option, I think I'll just shelf the popcorn for a while. 

I'm toying with the idea of going on a trip next week.  Banff maybe. 

Sheesh it's been forever

September 26, 2011

But I'm back.  I've gained some weight back.  This is what happens when you stop following your plan.  Or stop following your plan and start shoving everything in sight into your mouth.

237 lbs is my starting weight for the Triple Dog Dare Challenge.  Way higher than I was when I left here in May, but no looking back now.  Only looking forward to weighing 195 lbs on January 1, 2012.

Day 1 is down... a bunch more to go... but, worth it in the end.

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