Standing in the Shadows of Love, Get Ready for the Heartache's to Come

April 28, 2005

OK, so it's official. Pop Eye's eye has literally popped. It's gone. There's a hole in his head. And now he spends his days swimming around in a circle because he thinks he's going somewhere, but he isn't. Although, I guess they're never really going anywhere to begin with, so having only one eye doesn't really make a difference.

I am now ready to get in a super bitch fight with my "team leader". She's been taking credit for all the work I've been doing. And I'm now seriously pissed off. She was talking to another employee about "her" color scheme for the schedule board. Ummm excuse me, I totally came up with it. I did it before she even came back to work. I've been nominated for employee of the month because of it's amazing awesomeness. So when did it become her color scheme exactly? And I told her as much. So now I think work will be filled with tension and craziness and yelling and me laughing at her because she doesn't know how to print the sheets off of Microsoft Word and I'm not helping her anymore. So now she's going to look as incompetent as she really is, and is going to get fired. Haha.

In fact, she had originally done the board in a very offensive red and green scheme, with no way of distinguishing shifts that needed to be filled, or a color to show other people filling in shifts off of their rotation. Hello? That's not a scheme, that's stupidity. Ugh. I'm so mad I could burst like Pop Eye.

Down Some Pills... Up Some Hope

April 23, 2005

I'm so drunk. Drunk on my love for Nutella.. mmm chocolate spread. No wonder I'm fat, seriously, I never even had a chance.

Today I had a mental breakdown because I couldn't for the life of me remember the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics. And then I started freaking out, because maybe I'm losing memory with age, but I'm only 22. Not good.

And now I am seriously delrious because I've gotten like 4 hours of sleep for the past two days, combined! And I went to bed at 9:30 last night, so I could get lots of sleep for work, but I woke up refreshed at 10:30, and I was like, ok, I can sleep for 6.5 more hours, but I'll be sleepier in the morning. Because you're always sleepier if you sleep after you're refreshed than if you just get up. But I slept. And then I was Ms. Queen Bitch at work today. Haha.

Tomorrow will be worse.

Take me to the Shore... I Won't Scream

April 20, 2005

I just took my garbage outside. I love it outside. It's nice and warm, the perfect temperature really. The cement, not hot but not cold under my toes. And the sound of a million crickets getting funky in the darkness is just endearing. But nothing is better than the smell.

The smell of a beautiful evening, it makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

It's really clear out, stars all over the place. And sometimes I wonder that if I look hard enough up at the stars maybe I'll see someone staring right back at me.

This is the kind of night I wish I was camping, or even just sleeping in the backyard. That would be nice too.

Stompy and Nerd aren't being posted today, I was to sad to draw them. Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe it's stupid of me to write a book. I was looking at publisher sites, and they say to make sure the book is good before you submit it. Well how am I supposed to know if its any good? I wrote it, so probably I'll like it.

FlashDance II

Well I didn't get any bright fish. I got black fish instead. Blach Phantom Tetras to be exact.

And even though they're not bright orange, they look pretty fucking good in the Grow Op. Also, I got two bananna plants.

They make the Grow Op seem a little more exotic I think. Because bananna's always seem more exotic than other things. Well in my opinion they do.

I Take my Clothes off Whenever it Suits Me

So here it is, the day before the EDPY 200 final exam. So what am I doing? Well, currently I am lying in bed, and I have huge plans to go for a bath. Plus, I have to go and purchase some bird food, which I should have done yesterday when I was at the store, but I forgot the list.

So now I have to go back, I'm hoping that while I'm there, some miracle will have occured and I will fall madly in love with one of the fishies and then I will purchase it and put it in my Grow OP (ie. the fish tank).

Then perhaps I will get around to reading the 2 chapters I have left, I somehome managed to get through 3 so far, so I'm ahead of the game so to speak.

Plus its only like 32% or something totally lame. And I don't really care because I'm already totally in summer vacation mode.

Oh and Carnivale is on tonight!! Woo, so there goes 2 hours of study time. Can't not watch Carnivale, I'm totally addicted to that one!

Venus was a Flytrap, the Man you Love Devoured

Walk Around Until You Feel The Walls Are Caving In...

OK, so Pop Eye the fish has now gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone will die with him. He's swimming around trying to rub his huge fucking eye all over the other fish, and currently I am not impressed with his behavior.

Although, you do kind of have to admire him.. he's rubbing it against other fishies, and he can probably even barely see anything. Smart little bugger. And he's cute too. I spent like at least 2 hours today trying to find another cute little fishy. Went to all the fishy stores, and no one could make me happy. So I didn't get a fish, I got a piece of driftwood instead.

I showed my Dad my tank, and he say's it looks "busy" and also that there is a lot of plant life. Kind of like a growing OP> then he mentioned that I should use my Bachelor of Science to invent a way to grow pot underwater, and I would become so rich and then I could buy him hardwood flooring.

I'm actually thinking of taking on this challenge, for nothing other than sheer boredom.

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
I mean honnestly, my blog isn't important at all; just important to me

Hmmmm, says:
I see..

Hmmmm, says:
what is important to you.. ?

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
to feel like i'm contributing something to society. to have my voice heard, even if i'm not saying anything of particular value.

Should've Been A Super Villain says:
and to know, that i have the freedom to do all that, and realize that a lot of other people dont

Craziness is what makes the world go round

April 19, 2005

Sometimes its fun to pretend you're someone else. Like sometimes at work, I pretend to have an English accent.

"Would you like a journal?" I drawl. People kind of look at my funny and smirk. And then I get all giggly because I'm acting like a total idiot, but at least I won't have any customer complaints because I'm way too amusing and cute.

They always take the free journal.

But if people ask for one, I lie to them and tell them I've run out, even if it's 6:05am. No journal for you! And then I act like I'm the journal nazi, like Seinfeld's soup nazi.

My fish has Pop Eye. Isn't that the most clever name of a disease you've ever heard? So anyway, his one eye has become the size of a marble (slight exaggeration) and he's swimming kind of slanty. Also, he seems to be having some kind of fin tremmors.

Google search says that Pop Eye is not contageous, but I'm scared that when Mr. Fish dies, the other fish will start to eat him and then they'll all get Pop Eye as well. So should I just take him out of the tank? And KILL him?? I'm already crying inside.

Gina said 3 of her fish got Pop Eye and died. I am sad because Mr. Fish is red, and he looks nice in the tank, and he likes to chase his reflection and act like a strung out heroin addict who needs a frappucino.

They always take the journal love. *insert fake English accent here*

How Could Work be even better? Introduce some Racism, capital idea!

April 17, 2005

I've just found out that one of my coworkers is racist. She seems to have a problem with East-Indian people. I am so dissapointed. I happen to really like all kinds of people, and there are a few East-Indian people at work that I'm particulary fond of. So grrrrrr to her!

First there was stealing, then there was yelling, and now there's racism. I mean seriously, this place is like a mental institution on crack (and I mean no offence to people with mental dissabilities by this, not even a little offence).

But, honnestly, this is all starting to be too much for me. The gossip, the crazy customers, I'm just kind of starting to go nuts. Plus, I really dislike the red golf shirts that are our uniforms, and also seem to be some kind of punishment for things we've done wrong in other areas of our lives.

I want to quit. I want to sleep. I want the stupid fucking safe to balance for one fucking time. And I want to not remember that the safe doesn't balance because I bought some change and have $200 in my pocket when I'm halfway home and then have to drive all the way back to put the money back because that's the right fucking thing to do and then I have no money for gas.

Bed time.

Break Out, Let it Go

April 14, 2005


Held up so High on such a Breakable Thread

OK, it's official. I totally hate the U of A. Non-transferrable credit. That is their answer to my official freak out of the century. So that's just freaking great. Three more chem classes for me to look super forward to.

And I mean if you think about it, it's not really that bad. I wanted to take two more anyway, so really they're only forcing me to take one more. But still, it vanquishes all dreams of me taking any Political Science. And I was really really really looking forward to that. Oh well, I wasn't put in physical harm today, so I have that going for me. I should be thankful I even get to go to University. I don't have to worry about where I step for fear of landmines and stuff like that (although we do have very bad drivers in Edmonton).

On the hair front... it's actually turned into a very nice pinky/red color, and I'm now totally digging it rather than trying to hunt Gina down and kill her.

You know who is really sexy? David Bowie. Have you seen him recently. Seriously yummy for an older man. George Cloony has nothing on him, and I know the rath from Angela I face from that comment, but it is soo true. I'm excited for his Tommy Hilfiggure (ok i have no idea how to spell that) ads. His wife is exceptionally beautiful, I think they'll be super rad.

I'm Dr. Octopus

Ock in tha muthafuckin' hizzouse.
You are DR. OCTOPUS! For a fat nerd with an
overactive waldo, you've done pretty well for
yourself; you've become a major supervillain
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Who is your inner Marvel supervillain?
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Stompy and Nerd go on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

April 13, 2005


Join Stompy and Nerd next week when I promise something awesome will happen due to the lameness of the adventure this week!

Pillow Clouds of Poison Gas

I was a total uberbitch and now I feel like complete crap. I was talking to this guy, and I was telling him about this lecture we had in EDPY, about teaching sex ed.

And everything was fine until he mentioned that his method of birth control is 'pulling out'. And then I kind of went insane. I mean, how do seemingly rational adults feel like that is an effective form of birth control? Then I told him it wasn't and he got mad at me, because he's older than me so he knows more than I do.

I then proceeded to mention that I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and felt that that was a little more relevant to the issue than the concept of knowing more because he's older than me. I also mentioned that he may need to sit in on a grade 5 sex ed class to get his facts straight. Needless to say, we will not be speaking again.

But it got me thinking. If he thinks stuff like this, no wonder the birth rate is so high. No wonder there are so many STDs out there.

Then I spent the next two hours watching Carnivale. Which in my opinion, is one of the best shows on TV right now. It's set in the 1930s, it's about carnie's who travel around the States. And it's the fight between good and evil. Because one of the carnie's Ben (played by Nick Stahl who is supppppppper hot) kind of represents God. He has the power to heal. And this Priest is actually totally evil and kills all kinds of people and is on the hunt for Nick. And the whole show is freaky and weird and is so dark that it's just amazing.

I highly recommend it.

I hate the University of Alberta

April 12, 2005

OK, it's happened. I really didn't think this could happen again, and I was obviously wrong.

I thought the U of A was done totally fucking with me and my program and essentially the rest of my life. But I was just being a stupid naive girl. Because ahhh once again they are fucking with me royally.

Their program sheets for Education state that to be a chemistry major, you need 18 credits in Chemisty or Biochemistry. That's all it says.

I get a letter in the mail, congrats! You're conditionally accepted! Here's your program sheet with all the crap you need to take when you start your bullshit afterdegree.

But wait, what's that? They say I need 3 Senior level chemistry classes? I'm sorry, where the hell did that come from? I have 15 credits in Chemistry/Biochemistry, don't I only need 3 more credits? According to the program sheet that's all I need. So why are you telling me I need 9 credits at senior level? How did this happen?

I'm sure as hell going to find out, and I'm going to release some hardcore rage at the stupid Undergrad Education Office.

What on Earth?

OK, this is seriously one of the oddest things I have ever seen.

There are really no words to describe it.

It takes a little while to upload onto the comp, but it's totally worth the wait.

Watch this

Why is this guy dressed like its the 80s? And what is going on with his hair?

I feel like the US is just begging us to laugh at them with this thing.

And They're Off

April 11, 2005

OK, in ultimate procrastination mode for tomorrow's EDIT 202 final, I started the book. Or, novel, now that I'm a writer, it's a novel.

OK, so I started the novel. Mainly, I came up with a title, and the title of my first chapter. This is the best part I think, naming things I mean. Now I just have to fill it in with a bunch of crap and whammoo! Novel complete!

My jaw hurts thinking about this novel. Hmmm, this may be too much pressure for me. I might just scrap the whole project. Although, it is quite amusing to ramble on about what I should do about the stupid novel.

The main problem is the apparent lack of a plot, and the complete lack of ideas for one. Who wants to read a book about nothing? I dunno

These Days the Good Guys Wear Black

April 10, 2005

My new manager is a published author. He's this super religious guy, and he wrote a murder mystery about this religious guy who's accused of murder, but is innocent or something. And that's his second book. The first is a book of poems.

Suffice it to say, I'm stumped as to how this came about. I'm going to ask him exactly what happened.

I'm going to write a book, and I'm going to get it published, and then everyone can order it off Amazon.

It's gonna be awesome. Super fun summer project. Now all I need is a fab idea.

Daylight Saving Time, Grrrrr

April 3, 2005

It's an exciting day, now when you click on the rad picture of Stompy in the sidebar, it takes you to his very own blog!

That's right, a blog just for Stompy & Nerd, all the cartoons are now located there, but I think I'll keep posting them here as well.

So, I hate daylight savings time, instead of getting up at 4:45am, I was actually getting up at 3:45am. Why me? It's not fun. I walked around all day being super cranky and bitchy and customers were yelling at me, and I almost told them all to fuck off. I really don't know how I'm going to do this for the next 5 months. Ohhhh, all I can do is complain about this stupid job.

I like my new manager now, he's trying to get us all a raise, so that would be super fun!

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