ImPress Nails

May 22, 2014

Soooooo it's been a LONG time since I last posted... and that will be discussed in my next post (tomorrow most likely).

Tonight I'd like to write about ImPress Nails.  I received two sets from influenster.  This is my first time receiving something from them, and I was impressed how quickly the package arrived and how "in the loop" they made me feel about the process.

Anyway, onto the nails!  They came in a super cute package that looks just like a nail polish bottle (which I sadly forgot to take a picture of before I opened them).  They give a variety of sizes, way more than are needed for a single use.  So if you're lucky I can see you getting a couple uses out of one package.

The instructions were very easy to follow - way easier than constructing anything from Ikea!  As someone who routinely plays around with nail art, I have to say that this was way way way faster than what I am used to doing.  Simply clean off your nails, pull of the sticker, and hold the nail on.  Easy!

The package states that the nails can last up to a week, though I imagine this would be for someone who doesn't really use their hands for much.  I found myself constantly worrying about breaking one off.  In fact, one came loose 2 hours after I put them on.  Though this may well be due to improper application, maybe the wrong size?  I'm not sure.  I'd think if your hands are in water a lot, (dishes or swimming or something) that they would not last as long.

Overall I thought they were pretty good!

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