November 29, 2005

Skipped EDU again today. This is ridiculous. I just hate going to school lately. Well, sort of. I go to school, and then I don't go to class, which is actually really stupid, but yeah.

Anyway, skipped the class, and then went in at the end of the lecture and picked up the essay I handed in a month ago. Before I got the essay back I was kind of worried about it, since I had written it the night before it was due and all. But now that I have it back, I just don't care about this class at all. I mean fuck, I did really well. I no longer have any guilt over skipping that class. Radium25

Biochem proff is busy this week and has therefore cancelled all the classes. Such bullshit. I mean, if I don't want to go it's one thing, but to not have class after all these people pay $600 to be there? Bullshit. And it's the most interesting part, integrating metabolism into disease like diabetes and obesity. And now we have to do self-directed learning. Because just because there's no class, doesn't mean it won't be tested. ARG! I was really looking forward to these lectures.

Oh yeah, biochem midterm average: 85% This resulted in one girl getting quite bitchy and asking him if he meant to make it that easy. At which point I started imagining him yelling at her: "yes I fucking did mean for it to be that easy you stupid little bitch. fuck off and enjoy that you had an easy test! you want hard? fine- the final will be like getting raped in the ass with a cactus"

To tell you the truth, if I had to describe one exam like being raped in the ass with a cactus, it would be the Biology 207 Laboratory Examination.

Man, that was 3 years ago and I still shudder evertime I think about that test.

I think I'm going to apply for this awesome job. If I got it it would mean that I would have to drop out of school, but thinking about it makes me excited. I think it would really suit me. I don't want to say what it is because I'm an idiot, and GINA don't say what it is in the comments. I don't want to jinx it. I'm going to do it tomorrow.

Write a resume, a cover letter and get the fucking job. That way I don't have to go to school next semester.

How is it that I'm such a huge fuck-up all the time?

November 26, 2005

Ok rewind time.

It is now Wednesday again.

Severe panic attack as I'm walking into biochem midterm. Turn to page one of exam. I start blinking rapidly. I know the answer to question one. Turn page. I know question two, repeat sentance over and over until exam is done. (12 pages to be exact - 12 page exam in a 50 minute class, fucking crazy)

Wait, I knew the answers. Easy test, awesome. Am now in extrememly amazing good mood.

Fast forward to that evening, around midnight I'd say. I'm uploading songs to iTunes. I am happy. My arm gets a mind of its own and spills a glass of diet pepsi all over my laptop. I start screaming like a banchee and pick up laptop to drain it.

I start crying hysterically and try the computer. Nope, doesn't turn on. Doesn't do much of anything except when I look at it I start crying. I stay up all night long having a massive panic attack and crying like I've never cried before. All I can think about is how I want to eat my way into a coma and just die. Resist temptation to break into local bakery and steal all the cake. Total depression. Fucking computer, I love the fucking thing.

Must think of a way to clean the pepsi out of it so I can use the 3 year warantee. Dad comes up with a plan. We take it apart and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Ok, I agree to this.

Dad can't get it open. Now what? Good question. We recreate the scene of the crime and pour the rubbing alcohol into the computer, swish it around a bit and drain it.

Laptop is now at Future Shop, hopefully they can fix it.


HNT #7

November 23, 2005

I honnestly cannot believe this is my 7th week doing this. In all honnesty, I forgot about HNT this week.

I was totally preoccupied with a biochem midterm, and I forgot my toque in the city, so I have to take a break from toque HNT, and instead post a couple lame pics. mostly I'm sad, because I had a decent idea, oh well, next week I suppose.

Tonight I was finally able to relax, after a long long few days of nothing but metabolism and bioenergetics. (not that I don't like it, because actually I love metabolism, ugh I'm such a geek)..

Happy HNT!

2 hours 13 minutes until biochemistry midterm

i am fucked

fucked fucked fucked

no wait

its going to be ok

everything will be ok


stop blogging

It's a Birthday Montage. Turn up your SPEAKERS it's the most enjoyable part

November 19, 2005

A whole bunch of these pics include my bestest buddy Gina. Who got me an awesome fishy. Hi Gina!

Also, a big thanks to Grace for showing me how to get audio onto my blog.

Stephanie 025
Stephanie 026
Me right now; droopy eyed and delirious:

Only 1500 customers at work that yelled at me tonight. So that's pretty good. Not that many at all. I even had one guy rip up a coupon and throw it at me because he was mad that he couldn't have a discount, he was in the wrong parking lot. Idiot.

A coworker bought me supper and it was yummy. And now it is my birthday and I'm going to see Harry Potter on Imax with my brother and I am excited. Yeah yeah.

Also, it is really late and I'm totally delirious. But that's good.

November 18, 2005

Angela and I skipped EDU again today and instead we went to Whyte Ave. And we were walking down Whyte and then Angela was all "Stephanie! It's the Queens of the Stoneage!"

And it sure was. They were smoking beside their bus. And we walked right by them. We're so rad.

My First Theme Half-Nekkid Thursday

November 16, 2005

OK, this kicks off week 1 of at least 3 part HNT series featuring my absolute favorite thing about winter... my toque.

This toque is the only thing I have ever purchased from the GAP, ok, my mom bought it for me, but close enough. Oh wait, I have a GAP sweater, well that was a present too. OK this toque is one of two things I have ever recieved from the GAP, and honnestly, it is the bestest thing about winter and the whole reason I look forward to winter.


It nearly got stuck in the doors of a bus once, but I am grateful that it did not. As it brings me much joy in minus 35 degree weather.

OMG I did it. I made my own favicon. If you don't know what that is, look up at the URL, instead of the blogger pic, it's now a butterfly.

Yeah, I made that butterfly. Maybe this seems like a retarded thing to be proud of, but I'm computer illiterate, so I'm really quite proud.

You should bookmark me, because then the favicon will be in your bookmark list, and you can look at it and be like, "wow, is she ever awesome" because that is totally not what I am doing right now *lol*

EDIT: are favicons only seen in Mozilla? When I tried to view the blog in IE, no favicon. Hmmmm

November 14, 2005

I'm going to be honnest. Lately I fucking hate my blog. I just don't feel like blogging even a little bit. It's a little sad, because I remember when I first started the blog, and I would post like 12 nonsense posts a day, now I can't even come up with anything.

The only time I really feel like blogging is right now. When I have half an hour before biochem and nothing else to do. And today there is no EDIT 202 lab in the computer room so I can blog today.

Usually there is a lab and I look through the window at Felix and sometimes I stick my tongue out and laugh. Haha Felix.

This guy just walked by and he was talking on a cell phone, and he said: "You know what I just realized? That I'm thinking!"

Wow, at least I'm not that guy.

One time, in EDU 250, this weird guy sat beside me and elbowed me in the head (yes I've told this story before I knoW!) and now he's sitting beside me in the computer lab eating a bananna even though there are signs all over that say no food. And he only types with his index fingers, bananna covered index fingers.

I can hear music comming from somewhere, but I currently am unable to locate the source. And man oh man I wanted to stay home and watch Ellen this morning because it was her and Paul McCartney for a full hour and it looked like it was going to be really good but instead I was good and ran to the bus for some good transportation.

I have to go listen to Cuban music in biochem now.

Oh Man...

November 13, 2005

I've been sick with the flu for the past three days. It's been devestating to say the least. I was supposed to work Friday, Rememberance Day, double time and a half. But I was throwing up all over the place, so I didn't go to work, and I missed out on a stat holiday. devestating...

And now I'm home on Saturday night, doing nothing. Oh wait, that's normal. Hmmm Ok then

Music for Half Nekkid Thursday

November 9, 2005


I stole my brother's stereo and came up with this shot.
Happy HNT!

Wanna play? Click the link in the sidebar

Whore House

November 8, 2005

Seriously guys, the two fishies who just had babies are pregnant again. What is wrong with fishies today? No standards, just hold the eggs of any fish that swims by. Unbelievable.

This Year It Might Just Happen

November 7, 2005

Oh I am excited to see the snow. Oh yes yes I am. I need more, more snow please. I don't want to cancel it this year. I need lots of snow.

Prepare yourself for what I am about to tell you. It is extremely awesome. And although it is a little bit premature, I am excited nonetheless.

It is looking as if "Stephanie's Snowboganning Birthday Extravaganza" may take place this year. Last year it was cancelled due to a lack of snow on the hill. But now that we have a little bit, I'm hopeful that in the next 2 weeks enough snow will accumulate for my extravaganza to take place.

Yesterday Gina and I found a budgie outside United Furniture Wearhouse. It was just sitting on the sidewalk being scared and cute. So Gina picked him up and I got a box from the fish store and we took him home. And he's supposed to come live with me because mom got excited about the bird and now she just decided she doesn't want him anymore. So I have to break the news to Gina. uhoh. Mainly we're not taking him because both me and mom are totally scared of birds. Not my fault though, you try liking birds when one flies across your face as you're hiding in your bed.

Yup, wild bird flying around my bedroom, all over me, until baba came downstairs to see what was going on because I was screaming so loudly, she caught it and took it outside. Crazy bird.

Ahoy Mates! Numero Deux!

November 5, 2005

Yes, this is the second post tonight. Mainly because I just realized something.

I was changing my calender so that it says November, not October. And I was like, Hey 2 weeks until my Birthday.

November 19th folks. The big 23. Hmmm, I think I'm having a "midlife" crisis. Fuck that.

Time to jam.

Ahoy Mates!

Ahhhh my days of listening to music on my computer are over. You see, my stereo broke about 7 months ago, and due to a lack of funds I have yet to replace it. Until today that is.

I went upstairs to my brothers room, and carried his down to my room. And I am now enjoying music at a proper volume, loud, and bass, and other amazing technological advances.

He is in Vancouver right now, playing soccer for the Golden Bears and has yet to discover that I have stolen his stereo.

It's going to be a good night.

I Want a Chimpanzee!

November 3, 2005

Ok, So instead of studying for my Psych midterm tomorrow, I decided to watch ER and Survivor.

OMG did you guys watch ER??!?! They had a chimp on there and they were treating it in secret. And then they're doing stuff to it like putting a heart moniter on its little finger and that "Put the Lime In the Coconut" song is playing. And the chimp is being sooooooooooo cute.

It was so cute that I had to call my mom to make sure she was watching the cuteness too. And she was, and we were like "OMG that chimp is so cute!"

And then, you know what happens? He DIES> the fucking cutest chimp in the whole world DIES. OMG OMG OMG. I was so mad. After the coconut song and all the cuteness, he dies. So they bring his mom in so she can say goodbye. And then the mom chimp starts picking things out of Abby's hair and that's cute and everything, but the little baby chimp is dead.

I'm never watching TV again, (except Survivor, oh and also Prison Break, oh and Lost, but that's IT).

EDIT: Ok wait, I forgot House and The Office, which, HELLO is the funniest thing in the world. Yeah, nothing funnier than that show. ANd fuck, House is amazing, plus the guy who plays house is yummy. Yeah I went there. He's yummy. I don't care how old he is. I'd be lucky to age that yummily.

EDIT Numero 2: Ok, that guy, I just remembered his name, Hugh Laurie. Ahhh. Time to study

Half Nekkid Thursday, this Ideal Distraction

November 2, 2005


A rushed Half Nekkid Thursday this week, as I am currently scrambling to finish an essay that I've had 2 months to write and left until the very last moment. I am the queen of procrastination.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday everyone!

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