Weekly Weigh in #2

October 9, 2011

Last week: 231.4lbs
This week: 232.4lbs
Overall: +1lb

A gain is never what you want to see on a weight loss journey.  I know it's only a pound, but I was really hoping to break into the 220's, and now I've gained.  FRIG!

The challenge continues, I'm 100% on plan, eating all the food and drinking all the water.  I'm in this for the long haul, a 1lb gain is not going to derail me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Canadians out there!


October 5, 2011

Before I found my current job I was a substitute teacher.  This in an of itself is horrible.  Kids are not what they used to be.  Technology seems to have made them strangely detached, and this has led to increasingly poor behaviour, especially if a substitute is present.  Now enter an obese substitute into the picture.  It's not pretty.  Kids are mean to their peers, but their even meaner to obese substitute teachers.  They call you names, say offensive comments, and draw cartoons of you.  It's not a fun time, and caused me a large amount of stress.

Thankfully, well not really, but sort of, subbing here is mostly part time work.  So, you're not in the classroom everyday.  But this in itself is a problem.  If you're not working, you're not getting paid.  And if you're not at work, what are you doing with your time?

I used to tell my mom that I was going to the gym.  I'd get dressed in my gym clothes, fill a bottle of water, make a show of putting my headphones in my purse. 

I'd get in my car, drive down the highway, and end up at the movie theater.  I would buy the largest popcorn, smother it with "margarine" and sit in the dark theater by myself eating.  I saw all the movies.  Even the terrible ones.  My desire to eat was horrible.  I branched out from popcorn to chicken tenders and fries, covered in honey mustard sauce.  It wasn't even delicious, it was just a habit that I had that I couldn't break. 

I really don't know what my mom thought I was doing at the gym all that time, I wasn't losing a single pound.  And some of the movies that come out are just sooo long. 

I'm on vacation from work this week... for the first few days all I wanted to do was go eat some popcorn.  But I remember last weeks 6lbs.  It's not worth it.  The 2 hours of munching will not make me happy.  Today, I will get my stuff together and drive to the gym.  Fulfill some of the exercise component of this challenge.  Exercise will be my new habit.

Weekly Weight In #1

October 2, 2011

I've been on the plan for a week.. the results are in.

Starting weight: 237.0lbs
Current weight: 231.4lbs
Loss: -5.6lbs

Awesome way to kick this off.  I'm itching to get into the 220's - I've got my eyes set on breaking 230 by next week.

Day 4

September 29, 2011

Food and water down the hatch.  I'm watching comedy night thinking about popcorn.  But I've already eaten all my food.  So no popcorn today.  It wouldn't be the same anyway, I'm having visions of butter smothered, ultra salted popcorn.  And since that's no longer an option, I think I'll just shelf the popcorn for a while. 

I'm toying with the idea of going on a trip next week.  Banff maybe. 

Sheesh it's been forever

September 26, 2011

But I'm back.  I've gained some weight back.  This is what happens when you stop following your plan.  Or stop following your plan and start shoving everything in sight into your mouth.

237 lbs is my starting weight for the Triple Dog Dare Challenge.  Way higher than I was when I left here in May, but no looking back now.  Only looking forward to weighing 195 lbs on January 1, 2012.

Day 1 is down... a bunch more to go... but, worth it in the end.

Phase 6 - Day 2

May 10, 2011

Day 2 is over and done with, on to day three.

All these liquids are causing the weirdest stomach growls I've ever had.  They're long and low and it almost sounds like you can hear the liquid sloshing around in there.

Peristalsis with nothing to move around...

Meanwhile, at work, all I hear is click click crunch crunch

I'm ok with the click click typing, it's the crunch crunch nom nom eating something crunchy noise that's driving me a bit mad.

Though, the no cooking is a definite plus. 

Phase 6 - Day 1

May 9, 2011

Things I've learned on day 1 of the Phase 6 challenge:

1.  My stomach is able to emit grumbly sounds all day long
2.  That dull hunger pang just does not go away
3.  One serving of Jell-o is not very much Jell-o.

Allan wasn't lying when he said this was hard.  Time for willpower to kick in. 

Drinking my fluids and staying strong..

Couch to 10K Week 2 Day 2

April 27, 2011

If you see someone hobbling down the street, it's probably me.

I am so unbelievably sore.

On the plus side I shaved 35 minutes off my commute home by trying a different bus route.  I have to walk 2.5 blocks, which is no big deal, except when you're practically crawling down the street.

I'm starting to think that I should have done the 5K, oh well.  I'll just repeat weeks until I can move on.

I'm getting shin splints from the running, does anyone have any advice for that?

From Oblivion to Couch to 10K

April 25, 2011

If this were Wheel of Fortune, that title would be in the Before and After category.... this is why you don't let your grandma pick the shows you watch.

I've started the Couch to 10K.  I was going to do the 5K, but I thought, stupidly mind you, if I'm going to do 5K I may as well do 10K.

Today was day 1 of week 2 and I almost quit about 14 times on the treadmill.  I really have no idea why I kept going.  My usual pattern is to just quit half way through and say "good enough."

But I didn't, I finished.  I think I'll have to repeat week 2, I'm not used to this much running.  And frankly, I don't like running all that much to begin with.

Then as I was blog hopping I saw this quote:

"Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the ache in your lungs and the burning in your legs, and the voice inside you that yells 'CAN'T", but you don't listen. You just push harder. And then you hear the voice whisper 'can'. And you discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are."- Unknown

I don't remember where I saw it, as I peruse a lot of blogs.  But it was just want I needed to read. 

We'll see how Wednesday and Friday go.

Daylight Savings - I'm against it

March 14, 2011

I am not a fan of daylight savings time.  I cherish sleep, it's my favorite time of the day.  And losing 1 hour, though it doesn't seem like much, really really screws with my system.  It's like super jet lag.  I don't know why it affects me so much, I just hate it.

This morning I was on the bus and I was wondering if losing the hour affects others as much as it affects me.  That's when I noticed the bus was about half a foot away from hitting a pedestrian.  Apparently the pedestrian noticed too because she stopped walking.  The bus driver didn't seem to notice until we were through the cross walk, where he stopped, seemed to ponder whether he should apologize to the woman, and then just drove on.

So, apparently the answer is yes.  Daylight savings time is clearly evil.

Lunch was worse.  I went to the store to buy some groceries.  I got what I needed, when I went to pay, I realized I had lost my mittens.  My glorious raccoon mittens.  Frantically I searched the store, no luck.  I asked the cashiers and customer service, no luck.  All faith in humanity was lost as I realized someone had scarfed my mittens.

I called them later in the day to see if they had been turned it.  They had been!  Faith in humanity restored!

When I got to the store the line at customer service was huge.  But the guy saw me, waved and said "are you looking for raccoon mittens?"  I nodded enthusiastically.  He waved me over and passed them to me.  I thanked him a million times.  I think my raccoon hat tipped him off.

Weekly Weigh In

Down another 2 lbs this week.  Initially I was frustrated with only 2 lbs a week, but it really does add up.  Though I knew that logically all along, I'm really starting to be pleased by that.

More later, I actually feel like blogging again.

Phase 5 - Weigh In

March 6, 2011

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted.  Time kind of flew by ...
Anyway, 2lb loss this week.

I tried out that new gym that was much closer to home, it was horrible.  They didn't even have a treadmill.  This is the #1 fitness facility in the city??!? Insane.

Since then I've found a better gym downtown. 7 blocks from work.  I've been taking the bus in the -30 weather, but when it warms up I'll start walking there. 

Phase 5 Day 7 - Weigh In

February 13, 2011

Ugh this week has been tough.  I'm down 2lbs.  I was hoping for more, but I did have the flu for a couple days and ended up not getting in the exercise on those days.  Or all the water, hard to drink when you're asleep.

But, week 2 is starting, and my water bottle is filled and ready for the morning.

I'm trying out a new gym tomorrow.  It's only a 5 minute drive, as opposed to the 30 minute one I'm currently making.  It's got a pool and all kinds of other facilities.  I'm hoping I'll like it.  Currently when I go to the gym it takes so long to commute it's a total turn off, I go, but I'm never happy about it.

Phase 5 Day 2

February 8, 2011

I've had a really blah day.  Went to work but came home at lunch with flu symptoms.  Bleh I hate being sick.  A day of sleep seems to have helped, though it's tough to get in the water when you're asleep.  I've got it almost all in, just a bit of late night chugging and I'll call it a night.

Food on plan, exercise is done.  Fever possibly broken. 
Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Phase 5 Day 1 - Part 2

February 7, 2011

I suppose the only thing more fun than working out is working out with a shoe full of ice.

In case you are wondering, it takes 10 minutes of walking and 23 seconds of jogging for a shoe full of ice to melt and soak your sock, numb your foot, and drive you completely mad.

Add another minute and you start to wonder if your foot has fallen off because you really can't feel it anymore. 

Two more minutes and you realize that you're going to be cold for the rest of the night.  There's no warming up after this.

Lesson learned - don't keep my runners in my trunk, have a bunch of snow fall in then let the snow melt and refreeze in the shoe.  Shoes go in the house.

On the plus side, I didn't think I'd be able to do the jogging in the plan, but I did it all.  And it wasn't that bad.  OK - it was pretty bad, but, it was doable.

Water in, food on plan, exercise in the bad.  119 days to go.

Phase 5 Day 1

First day of phase 5 and my first post from my iPhone. I find typing on this thing really annoying, but I probably shouldn't be blogging on my work computer (it's lunch so the phone is allowed lol).

I lost 1.5 lbs last week, by since Allan doesn't do half pounds, I reported a 1lb loss.

Starting challenge weight, 233lbs.

More later, phone typing is driving me crazy

Weekly Weigh In - Phase 4 Week 4

January 30, 2011

Well the results are in, down 2 lbs this week.  Kinda disappointing, but, I started the week not really focused, but with all the support I received, the rest of the week went well.  I've got my motivation back in spades, to be honest, I didn't think I was going to lose anything this week because of how it started off, but when I saw a drop on the scale I was overjoyed, and I'm ready to see a lot more losses.

This week is going to kick ass - it's shape up or leave the challenge, and I don't want to leave, so, 1200 cals, zillions of ounces of water, and nothing else, except the exercise that is.

Let's have a great week everyone!

And thanks to Debbie and Fat2Fit for two more Stylish Blogger Awards!

Brownies and Cookies and Pastries - Oh My!

January 25, 2011

Brownies, cookies and pastries are only a few of the things that are currently being carted in by the caterers.  I ate none of these things - I usually go for the veggies, but as there were none today, I had nothing.  Just the sandwich and apple that I brought for lunch.  That was enough anyway.

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone in the Challenge who reached out to me.  I've never had to many emails in a day - unless we're talking about penis enlargement ads and offers to help princes in far off countries. 

When I first saw my name on the list of people needing help I was embarrassed, ashamed, and kind of horrified.  I knew I hadn't been doing well, ok, terrible, but seeing my 0.8% really put things into perspective.  I really don't want to be the person who signs up for a weight loss challenge, who writes a weight loss blog - and doesn't lose weight.  It's say, and it's not going to be me.

To be honest, the emails I received were nothing short of amazing.  I teared up in the lunchroom and got quite a few odd looks. 

While I felt like a complete disappointment after reading them, I was also incredibly inspired.  I know what to do to lose weight, it's just really time to start doing it. 

I made the trek to the gym yesterday, I attempted to take the LRT there, big mistake.  The stop is really far away from the gym, normally, that's awesome b/c it's a bit of extra walking, but, through huge piles of mushy snow, it's just a huge pain in the ass.  I'll be driving to the gym tomorrow, assuming I don't get stuck in the alley, which happened a few days ago.

Side note: if you have to get stuck in the snow, make sure you're blocking the whole road, that way people are forced to help you if they want to continue on their way!

Weekly Weigh In - Phase 4 Week 3

January 23, 2011

Down 1 lb this week, landing me at 236lbs.

Tomorrow I'm going to venture to the gym.  Adding that to the exercise that we're expected to do for Phase 4, I'm hoping it'll give me a boost to have a good loss this week.

We've been getting catered food at work.  I've skipped all of it except for a couple pieces of fruit, and a bunch of celery and carrots.  Most people have been complaining of stomach aches after eating it anyway - so, it's a good thing I'm not indulging in it.

The Worst January Since 1974...

January 17, 2011

... well isn't that just great.

The snow piles are taller than me, my legs are popsicles and my patience has run out with this snow.  As I was shoveling the drive way, I had to stand and ponder for a few minutes, I couldn't figure out where I was going to put the snow.  There's so much, I don't have any more room in my yard.  It's insane.

Lets not even start with the topic of having to pee while shoveling and then having to take off your boots 3 times.  What a pain in the ass.  Flipping water.

I ended up eating supper at 8pm tonight.  Way later than I normally like to eat, but with all the shoveling, there was no avoiding it.  I'm extremely full.  I can't imagine binging on this plan.  I'd explode immediately.

Phase 4 - Week 2 Weigh In

January 16, 2011

Down 2 lbs this week, sitting at 237 lbs.

I've been following the plan, but I didn't get all the walking in.  It's been -36 here with the wind chill, we have mounds and mounds of snow, and it just didn't happen.   I got in 2 of the 3 days of walking, but they were stretched apart.   I got in all the strength training though. 

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes?  I watched part of it, I love watching all the gorgeous dresses.  I want to lose weight for my health, but to be honest, I'm really really really looking forward to the clothes.

How gorgeous is this dress?  Stunning, I think it was my favorite of the night. 

On another note - now that I've started working full time its about 1000 times easier to get all my fluid in.  A 16oz coffee in the morning, followed by just over 4 liters of water. 

I've also noticed that while I'm filling up my 32oz bottle 3 times while I'm there, coworkers only fill up a mug, and some of them don't even drink a while mug during the day.  No wonder by the time the afternoon rolls around I'm running to the washroom ever 40 minutes and they sit contentedly at their desks. 


Kelly over at Life in the Fat Lane gave me my first ever blog award!  This of course increased my guilt of not being around here that often lately exponentially, but, still, an award!

And here are the rules!
  • Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can).
  • Contact the bloggers and tell them they won!

7 things about me, hmmmmmmmm

  1. The only thing I like about winter is my raccoon toque.  
  2. I don't really mind being single - I can't imagine being in a relationship at the moment.
  3. I'm a complete night owl - AM is my arch nemesis
  4. I really want to run a marathon - I was told by someone I could never be a runner, and I really want to prove him wrong
  5. My brother and I go to all the Harry Potter movies together - we're planning on going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together too
  6. I love public transportation
  7. I'm addicted to HBO


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    2. Ann
    3. Kelly
    4. Ann-Marie
    5. Jess

    Phase 4 - Week 1 Weigh In

    January 9, 2011

    Up 1 lb this week.  Sitting at 239 lbs.

    I think it's the increase in water, definitely not increased calories.  Also - I'm completely plugged up - I tried eating prunes (my first time - delicious!) but I haven't had the expected prune benefit.

    I forgot how fast weekends go by.  And how much people dread Monday.

    We're in blizzard weather here, tonnes and tonnes of snow.  Shoveling every few hours to keep it manageable. 

    The new job is alright - though I'm not a fan of waking up super early :(

    Phase 4 - Day 1

    January 3, 2011

    Day 1 is in the bag.  Calories came in at 1185, walking done, strength training tomorrow.

    In other news, I'm half moving tomorrow.  To be closer to my new job, but I'll be coming home to my parents house on the weekends because I'm sure my mom will be having empty nest syndrome, and also I'll completely miss the dog.

    The job starts on Wednesday,  I don't know if I'm excited or not.  Kind of I am, but, it's a little tricky going from super part time work to full time.  I'm used to sleeping in and kinda being in vacation mode, so, pretty much I've gotten really lazy.  This will definitely be a shock to the system for the first bit.

    Excited for tomorrow - bring on day 2!

    Starting Over

    January 2, 2011

    I've been trying to write this post for a few days now, but the words are not really forming properly in my head.

    I ran into my old boot camp instructor a few days ago.  I had to leave boot camp for monetary reasons, not the lack of desire to go, but at $200 a month, it was out of my price range while working so infrequently.

    When I left, I of course had every intention of continuing to get in shape and lose all the weight I need to.  I envisioned that the next time I saw him, I would be thinner, happier and proud.  This, of course, did not happen. 

    When I saw him my whole face turned red.  I was mortified.   Still fat, fatter than I was when I left boot camp, just pure horror running through my veins.  I wanted to run away, hide, more ashamed than I've been in a long long time.

    Phase 4 of Allan's Challenge starts in a couple days.  I'm excited for it.  One of the main rules of Allan's Challenges is No BS. 

    If I'm completely honest, up until now, I've been, I'd say, 43% full of BS. 

    Phase 4 is 100% BS free.  100% commitment.  100% of what I should have been doing since Phase 1.  No more excuses, no more BS, no more whining - just eat less, drink more, move more, and lose it all.

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