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March 30, 2006

how good was LOST lastnight? like hello! best show eva!
with the poker (omg how hot is sawyer? like yummy), and the bad guy Henry, and the lockdown with that crazy map thing on the wall in the blacklight, and then Siad is all "it was just how you said it would be, and still i did not believe you - i dug up the grave, and there was no woman, it was a man" flash id of Henry Gale. uh oh fake Henry, they've found you out. trouble for you now!

flipping eh - the preview for next week is just as good.

i think i might die if season 2 doesn't come out on dvd like yesterday. ahhh lost, i'm so addicted.

oh oh oh, ifyou missed it, encore presentation on saturday. yup, i'm definately watching. because i didn't notice that siad's girlfriend is in the episode in a flashback with lock. damn how did i miss that? i dont know

ok enough about Lost

I went to Mac today, it was awesome fun. blew off class and went makeup shopping, yup i'm a productive student. very good student.

also, I did 2 research participation things today. Both were really quick, one was 7min the other 23min. waste of my time is what that sounds like to me.

i went back to that Mac computer room in the afternoon, after the Mac makeup shopping, hmmm this is confusing. anyway, I couldn't get the damn computer to turn on and so I left and felt kind of embarassed.

*note* my new thing is posting whatever song i'm listening to when i'm writing the post

Song- The Future is X-Rated; Matthew Good Band

I'm on a Mac right now. I have to tell you that it's pretty weird. Oh BioSci, I dont know when you upgraded to Mac's. I distinctly remember there not being Mac's here before.

In anycase, I finally heard City & Colour yesterday, for the first time. Heart swelling joy. Yup, very enjoyable indeed.

Ok I have research participation to do now.

The Reason I don't Know the Answers to my Assignment:

March 27, 2006

it's because these are the kinds of notes i take in class:
Yeah, I should have been a mathematician with equations like those

Pants are for Suckers

I had a completely screwed up dream last night. I dreamt that it was today (monday) and that I was doing my anthro assignment and I was bored with it so I went and got a tattoo on my arm right by my hand.
And on the top of my arm were pretty flowers but when you moved to look at the side of my arm there was a snake head and also a tiger head. and it was freaky. So i woke up at 4am to make sure my arm had no tattoos on it.

Moral of the story: do your freaking anthro assignment and stop blogging/getting tattoos/reading novels/thinking about prison break being on tonight/rolling your eyes.

My mom won't stop asking me about my blog. Its freaking annoying. Mainly because I think she would be shocked by some of the stuff I post on here; uhhh mainly the boob shots. She's all "can I go to your blog?" and i'm like "no way ray"
and then she's all "how come why do you have to keep secrets from me blah blah blah"

Black Star - Radiohead is a kickass song

March 26, 2006


March 25, 2006

Mom: You and your friends are like Trekkies

Me: What?

Mom: You and your friends are like Trekkies, except you're Davidies

Me: What?

Mom: You know, what's his name?

Me: Matthew Good!

Mom: Yeah same thing


In completely unrelated news: I got a new purse and a matching wallet.

Mom has actually come out and said that she fears I have a "bag" problem. Uhhh duh.

I'm bored. I have nothing to do and am putting off doing my anthro assignment because it is the epitome of stupid. If you are thinking that epitome is spelled incorrectly, then I agree with you. It looks silly. But that's what the dictionary says, yes I looked it up.

Ok I'm going to organize my CDs now.

EDIT/UPDATE: Mom now feels we should call ourselves "Goodies" which I think is just so cute.

Holy Moly Batman


Yes it is true, I am ticket #1, and seriously, that makes me deliriously happy for no rational reason what-so-ever. And here it is, the day after, that's what today shall be to me forever in my mind. The day after the best Matthew Good show I have ever been privledged to witness.
Everytime I see Matt I'm left breathless, and last night was no dissapointment. I've been anticipating an acoustic tour for as long as I can remember, kind of just hoping for it, never really thinking that it could happen.

First off, I have to say that I have never been more impressed by an opener than I was by Melissa McClelland. I am eager to rush out an purchase her CD, AND she was wearing pretty cute shoes that I could hear clicking on the stage from my front row center seat.
Matt was led on stage with a flashlight and it was humerous. And he started with Avalanche, which is in my top 3, so I was happy right off the bat.

The highlights: Fine Art of Falling Apart, Fated, Sort of a Protest Song, Indestructable, Can't Get Shot in the Back if You Don't Run, Truffle Pigs and Symbolistic White Walls. Oh what a show. I'm still grinning. 19 song setlist, oh Heaven.

Props to Sean, Chelsey and Guido Sanchez for making this a truely unforgettable night.

Also, I took like 65 photos, so check out flickr.



Half Nekkid Thursday #16

March 22, 2006

OK Lost was awesome tonight, and I'm already dying to see next week's show because the preview was just so good.

I figured because I'm having a good week, it would be a good time to feature my very favorite shoes.


My favorite part of this pic: the crumbs on the bathroom floor. Classic.

Wanna play> Check out the link in the sidebar!

Support Bacteria, it's the only Culture some People Have

March 21, 2006


holy moly Lisa, that is FUNNY

Finally... Dr. Stephanie

March 20, 2006

Finally a good week.Coco5

If you are not viewing this blog with Mozilla Firefox than the sidebar has travelled down to the bottome of the page due to my awesome counter clock which will be removed on Friday.

Now about the good week. Prison Break is finally back tonight. I'm excited. That show is awesome. Also, a new episode of Lost on Wednesday.

And most importantly, Matt Good on Thursday> ayeiiiiiiii!

Cog Psych midterm on Friday was terrible, but as it turns out I got the exact same mark on this one as I did on the last one. So I guess it turned out alright in the end. Ho hum.

Coco has injured herself somehow and can't really go up and down stairs and also can't jump on the furniture. So anytime she wants to go anywhere you have to pick her up and carry her. And it's cute because when she wants to come on the couch she just sits there and stares at you and starts pawing at the couch.

He antiinflammitory medicine comes in a syringe that totally looks like a needle so I feel like a doctor when I give it to her.

Nose Talk

March 16, 2006

I had to go downtown today in order to visit the nose doctor. He was on the 6th floor of a really tall building. Good news, I don't have pollups like the doctor who referred me to this guy thought. Bad news, I have a deviated septum.

I don't know what either of those two things mean.

All I know is that I'm taking a new nose spray and if it doesn't work in a few months then I'm going for surgery.

This nose business is crazy.
First this chick who looked like she was 16 sprayed this crazy spray up my nose and she was like "haha it's kind of weird right?" Then she told me it's to numb the nose for when the doctor comes.

Then the doctor came and he stuck this huge ass like probably 9 inches long fibre optics thing up there and I could feel it moving around in my nose and on my throat. It was insane. He laughed at me because I was nervous of having that thing shoved up there. He told me I'd "survive". Clearly, he was very charming.

He also made fun of me because my classes don't start until 2pm. Like it makes me some kind of inferior student/person. Actually I skip my morning class because it's dumb.
He was all "I had to go to school from 6am to 10pm" and I was like "yeah, it was like that for my Bachelor of Science jerk"

Then, because I had been waiting for 10 minutes with nothing to read, I picked up a pamphlet for nose jobs. He was like, "whats that pamphlet you have? Oh that's not the surjury you're getting." "i was like duh, I know the difference thanks"
I just hate some doctors. And I kind of hated him. Which made me mad that he seemed to know what he was talking about.

Other than that it was a pretty lame day. I have a cog psych midterm tomorrow and I haven't really studied all that much. It's not until 2, so morning is cram time. Hardcore cram time.

I started using that nose spray. I'll keep you updated on the results. Because I know that you're all just dying to know about it.

Half Nekkid Thursday #15

March 15, 2006

So I just had some really good pineapple and pineapple reminded me of the beach which reminded me of this really cute bikini that I bought in Mexico, so today is bikini Half Nekkid Thursday!


Wanna play> Check out the link in the sidebar


This is the most hilarious thing ever. Because it is so true.
The pic is taken from Trent

It was that Guy in the Living Room with the Candle Stick, You know the guy I'm talking about

I've never played Clue, so I can't remember that guy's name from all the cliches I've heard over the years.

A few weeks ago there was a murder across the street from Baba's house. You guys probably heard about it. Two women, stab fight, 4 year old daughter wasn't home thankfully. All the shots on TV were taken from Baba's yard pretty much.

There was police tape all over the place and Baba said spacemen showed up and went in, that would be the forensics unit.

On an unrelated topic,
here are some pictures of my new bed.
I hated it the first night because it's so high and so big so I didn't know where to sleep and I couldn't find the light switch like I'm used to turning it on and off a thousand times to make sure there are no monsters/aliens in my room so it was scary. But now it's really comfy and I love it and you can roll all over the place and not worry about falling off. Not like in my other single bed. That was not fun. My feet were off the mattress in that one. Newsflash: I'm too tall for a single bed.

Here is a picture of Coco that I took one night when it had just snowed and I threw her in the snow with the intention of getting a super cute pic of her jumping through the snow and then she didn't sink in because she only weighs 14lbs. And it's still cute because nothing in the world is cuter than Coco, not even shoes.

Just Like Everybody Else Does

March 14, 2006

I yelled at a guy from Peru because I am fat. I don't know where all these crazy people are getting my email address from. I think someone must have signed up for some kinda something and then typed in my email address.kitten
But this is freaking annoying. And they all have that picture of the rubber duckie as their msn picture. Lame.

In other annoying news, I think I may kill my psych proff. She's an idiot. I don't know how she got a PhD.

My hands are dry and I don't have any lotion.

My arm is being overtaken by a large amount of exzema.

Raymi had a good post on how not to blog.



I had an interesting day. Angela and I were sneaky and "broke into" the Myer Horowitz theater in the interest of taking photos for Sean. Technically the door was unlocked, but it was sneaky nonetheless. There were other people in there so I kind of just ran in and took some shots and then ran away like a scared little puppy.

Then on the bus ride home there was this lady who was singing at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet down. I turned off my iPod to listen to her. Then what happened you ask? I spotted cute shoes through the bus window and my hand flew up to the bell string and I immediately got off the bus and went shoe shopping. Unfortunately, no purchases were made.

Then I went to the bus stop and ran into Baba so I was super lucky in that I got to carry my heavy backpack and all of her bags of groceries home.

Then the busdriver lady kept hitting the curb extremely hard until she broke the bus 2 stops later and had to call for a backup bus. She was a really bad driver. So Baba and I walked the rest of the way home.

Good Times.

Stompy and Nerd go to Greece

March 10, 2006


Remember when I moved in you, and the Holy Dove was moving too, and every breath we drew was Hallelujah

March 9, 2006

I killed my psych midterm this morning. That doesn't happen to me often, where I walk out and am happy with my performance. I'm especially happy that all these smug first years thought the exam was way harder than the last one (the last average was 84%). When in fact I thought that this exam was much easier.

I was doing a Cognitive Psychology Lab earlier today on prototypes (a way to remember things based only on the essential features of objects. eg. apple= round, red, stem, leaf, shiny; and things that are encountered later are compared to the original concept). OK anyway, what I'm trying to say, is that is was a lab so that you could pick between: is this an A or a B? Here's an example:
The answer is that this represents an A. Can't you tell? I had to guess. YUp. This whole time. I don't know what the fuck that is. IT's a bunch of dots. Dots they move randomly so that you're supposed to be able to tell. Well I fricken can't. Anyway. Good lab, keep up the excellent work.

Gina convinced me to go to a Mary K party that Kate is having even though I wasn't invited (yeah, only one not invited). Anyway, I got ready and we're driving there and Lyndsey calls Kate to get her address and tells Kate that I'm comming. Yup, she didn't want me to. Bridesmaids only apparently. Gina turned the car around, even though we were half way to Edmonton, because I refused to go due to unparalleled rage..Steph50

I found a pair of iPod headphones in a snowbank a couple days ago. I picked them up and washed them with a cloth and they work really well so I'm happy because if I break mine now I have a backup pair. But I can't help but wonder if I should have left them there, what if their owner is looking for them? I dunno.
I've become completely and utterly obsessed with James Blunt over the past week and a half. I'm addicted.

On a side note, I'm moving my big fishtank out of my room this weekend. It's going to the basement "living room" type area. Good thing because my bedroom is like 45 degrees because of that thing. It just heats up the room like you wouldn't believe and I haven't been able to use fluffy covers in quite a while. Which really is quite sad.

Ok almost time for Survivor.

Why Does Eveything Suck all the Time?

March 7, 2006

I can't believe I haven't blogged in forever. THis is my first March post. Odd. Usually I blog like I'm uncontrollably babbling and just can't stop.

I have nothing to say. NOthing is new. Oh wait. I got a new bed.

That's all.

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