June 28, 2006

Today a miracle happened, my order from Amazon came and in it was my new copy of my most favorite childhook movie, The Chipmunk Adventure.

I of course ripped it open and popped it in the dvd post haste. And let me tell you, it was exactly like I remember and I haven't seen it in a good 15 years or so. But I had seen it approximately a zillion times before then, as I would make my mom rent it every other day. Why they didn't purchase it, I just don't know.

Anyway, I sang along to the songs and shed some tears in the mushy part that I always loved (there are penguins awwww) and I totally felt the need to blog about this movie because I just love it so much.

It's only an hour and 16 minutes long, which surprised me because it always seemed much longer as a kid. But I guess every perception changes from when you're a kid to an "adult".

Yesterday I did my hair and makeup before work, today I did not.
Les said "yesterday you looked beautiful, what happened today?"

Sharon said "What happened to your hair?"

Susanne said "she only dresses up for her boyfriend that goes through her booth" (which is false by the way)

Dee said "she dresses up for the hot armored car guy" (which does have a hint of truth to it - but also I slept in this morning)

Guess I better not look horrifying on Friday or everyone will freak out.

Song - Prime Time Deliverance - Matthew Good Band

I think I need an eye exam

June 25, 2006

Because the brother of the girl who hosted this party I went to on Saturday is an optometrist and he is fucking gorgeous. He served shot and drinks and was funny and basically is was a droolfest by me. We took random photo's of ourselves, but does anyone think to take a pic of the hot doctor? NO. Ugh. Dumb.
I've never been to a party on the North Side before, let me tell you, gorgeous house. Like beyond beautiful. All this crown molding and arches all over the place.

Today I had cucumber maki and it was yummy. Yummy squared really.

I also watched a bunch of bad movies, like Catwoman and Without a Paddle. Soo bad. But I prefer to waste days off rather than do anything with them.. uhh I have to work 60hours this week and that is not fun at all.

I should sleep, but I slept in so now I'm not tired even though I have to get up at 4am to wash my hair and maybe make an attempt at makeup.

Song - Symbolistic White Walls with Villian of the Year Lyrics - Matthew Good

June 24, 2006

today the hottest guy in the world tried to teach my mom how to use chop sticks when we went for lunch. and he was just beautiful
then mom couldn't get it so he tried to teach me his method (because i have my own method which is very successful) so anyway he was moving my hand around and i was like *swoon* and when he left my mom said "you need a fella"
and then i said "baba says i need a boyfriend so that i'll clean my room"
and we both laughed about that one

anyway, he was gorgeous and it reminded me of the sex & the city episode where samantha waits around for smith because he's a waiter at that raw food restaurant.


then we went and bought shoes, and i told mom she's a bad influence on me because she insisted that i buy shoes even though i have no money


June 20, 2006

I got my hair cute, dyed, and foiled today.
Reviews are mixed:
Gina - wow, what made you dye your hair red?

Katie - it's almost as short as mine

Mom - this is the best haircut you've ever had

Dan - hey man nice hair

Dad - is your hair different?

Pictures will come tomorrow. Most likely.

Cute guy at the hair salon was talking to me and I freaked out just like always. Too bad too because the hair dressers were talking about him after he left and he sounded really nice.

pink bunny suit

June 18, 2006

i dreamt i was a butterfly last night. i flew around all over the place and i was the most brilliant shade of blue, and i had black in my wings as well.

and i was flying and there was a wonderful breeze and i could soar high and i didn't have to flap my wings because of the wind current. it was brilliant.

then i had to work today and it wasn't as bad as yesterday, but it was hectic. although we made this balloon caricature of one of the employees and it was funny, we cut apart the mop to glue hair on and i drew the face and we taped pennies on for earring. then we hung it from the ceiling. good times.

i spent the weekend making this kickass coffee fund form in excel and it automatically does everything you could ever want it to do because i made a thousand formulas for it and then i made an awesome memo on how to use it with print screens and everything and it was labelled, the pictures i mean. oh man. best memo ever.

June 17, 2006

4 Charter buses came to the airport today, and they picked up all of the Carolina Hurricanes' fans.
Man was it ever busy, I put through like 600 customers, and that is a hell of a lot of customers. So by the end I was a bitchy crazy person.
And pretty much I still am, especially since it's 10:34 pm and the birds are chirping and I can't sleep because of them and I have to get up at 4:30am . so grrrr

i'm getting my hair cut an dyed on tuesday. i'm excited. i don't know exactly what i'm doing to it, but should be fun anyway.

ok sleep now

Miracle of Miracles

June 12, 2006

I got my fucking raise
$2.75 raise, which is acutally quite a good raise
but i still have to get up early
so i should sleep

i drove my mom's car today and i was looking all over the place for the clutch and it was really strange because it's an automatic
crazy cars

Song - no song I'm going to sleep sillies!

And So It Is

June 11, 2006

I am currently located on 25 Peeps.

So what ended up happening at Baba's was that her TV was too old for the DVD player and so we ended up watching Legend's of the Fall, on the education network, and uhhh yummy Brad Pitt.

I had never seen it and it was good although I was kind of bored, but then long haired Brad Pitt came in and it was all ok again.

Barbara - no, baba would not like fight club, not even a little bit. She is into movie's that are rated less than PG-13. So we rented Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and watched it at my house, and she ended up loving it like I knew that she would. Actually over Christmas she made us turn of Mystery Alaska, because it was too racy with those 2 teenagers making out in the snow plow. Yeah, we had to turn off a Disney movie.

Song - Empty Road - Matthew Good

June 10, 2006

i'm apparently getting a raise tomorrow, but my boss hasn't told me how much the raise is yet or anything. this is just getting more and more stupid by the day.

i'm spending the night at my baba's house and we are going to watch movies and eat popcorn and have fun.

she's mad i can't drive her to church in the morning, but there is no way i can get my car up that hill without stalling and sliding down in reverse and probably exploding into a car of flames.

so i am off to rent some grandma worthy movies. hmmm

June 6, 2006

if cleaning was fun it wouldn't be called cleaning, it would be called having fun

June 3, 2006

No matter how hard I try I just can't go to bed before 11pm and I'm actually starting to lose my mind and talk weird, in non-english speak, and I'm a grammar freak so it's crazy.

My Baba is not impressed with my stick driving skills, but she has informed me that it is only because I am a girl and girl's should not be driving sticks to begin with, so it's not personal. Hmmm.

I have agreed to an extra shift at work, helping my boss interview people or something insane like that. I'll probably just end up organizing paperwork for 4 hours before I get fed up and leave. Mainly I'm taking it just to see the look on the girls face who spends all her time brownnosing to him and still he asked me. HAHA

Song - Running for Home - Matthew Good Band

Bonjour Honda Civic Si

June 1, 2006

yes here it is, i am finally blogging about my car because as we all know, it is of the utmost importance
Today at Zellers I bought this awesome kleenex thing because I've envied Angela's Keleenx thing for a very long time so I called her to find out where she got it

Ok I have to get up at 430am
so here are some pix of the car with no explanation so it's obvsious what they are so just figure it out for yourself ok? ok!

It's a 1998 Honda Civic Si, and both my brother and I ended up with the exact same car, same year and everything which is INSANE@

ok sleep now

EDIT - today I was thinking "what's better than a new car? well a new car the smells like coconut, so I bought an air freshener when I filled up with gas, and then i left it at the fucking till and i'm such a dumbass."

oh well fuck the freshener, the car can smell like my perfume and cleaner stuff

SONG- Delicate - Damien Rice

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