Why Me?

December 21, 2010

A while ago a friend of mine signed me up for a dating website, in the hopes that I too would find love in the same fashion she did.  While I think it's great that she found her mate, I find it hard to respond to messages as most of mine turn out like this:

Me and my buddy are just sitting here browsing pof and we both REALLY like your pics, you are a gorgeous woman!

We're both good looking single guys, 28 and 31, normal, sane, non smokers, no drugs/diseases.

We would love to meet you and give you a massage sometime - if you think a massage from 2 hands feels good, think how good a massage from 4 hands would feel!

Let us know if you're interested :)

Ok, this is the weirdest, but, a lot of them aren't much better :P

My dog's favorite pastime

December 14, 2010

I think I need to take some advice from my dog.

Panic Craving Carb Cruncher

December 13, 2010

It's been two weeks since my pre-interview for a job I sort of applied for.  I finally heard back today and am going for an actual interview on Thursday.  At first I was extremely excited, it's a really tough competition, but getting an interview is a great sign, there are only a couple of people who are getting one.

Now I'm kind of panicked.  With panic I usually just stuff my face, crackers, chips, something salty and crunchy.  As I type this it's turning into complete anxiety.  I've needed a job for so long, it's a little overwhelming.

At least the typing kind of sounds like crunching, the salt I can do without, and instead of carbs I'm having water.

Lately I've been eating some kind of fiber cereal for breakfast, 110 cal for 3/4 cup, Fiber Plus maybe?  Anyway, I ran out, wrote it on the list, but the wrong cereal was brought home.  This new one is 260 cal for 3/4 cup.  No way - that's not happening. 

Instead I had Rice Krispies, something I've always loved.  110 cal for 1 cup, plus 1/2 cup skim milk for 45 cal.  I feel unsatisfied.  I'm hungry, stomach growling.  Banana time I think. 

Shrinking - Weekly Weigh In

December 12, 2010

Down 4 lbs this week!

This is amazing, I survived the movie theater and a cookie exchange (with soooo many delicious looking things) - which I should not have signed up for in the first place.

So 2 NSV's and a 4 lbs scale victory! Woot!

As for my weight. Well, I've decided to go by what my scale says, and assume that my starting weight was actually 8lbs higher than I thought *shudder*

So my new weight is 240.5 lbs (232.5 lbs if you subtract that 8)

NSV - Tangled

December 11, 2010

tangled-movie-poster Tonight I went to see the movie Tangled.  A friend and I were supposed to see it on my birthday, but it had sold out by the time we got there, though we were quite early.  Anyway, we finally got around to seeing it.

All I can really say is that is was delightful.  The plot was great, the little chameleon, Pascal,  was super cute, the animation was great.  Overall is was extremely enjoyable.  I had always wondered why Rapunzel had such long hair, and now I finally know.

My NSV - well, first off, my favorite thing in the world is popcorn.  If I had to choose anything to eat it would be warm popcorn with butter and salt. Yummo.  Movie theater popcorn is pretty much the popcorn supreme.  Normally the smell of the theater completely overwhelms me when I walk inside - but tonight, no effect!  I wasn't even remotely tempted, I walked by the concession, sat in my seat and pulled out my 1L bottle of water and sipped through the movie!

I've Got a Problem

December 10, 2010

Well I've ignored my blog for almost 3 weeks ... sorry guys.  I just got lazy for a while.

I've been following Allan's Challenge - and things are going great so far.

I've been losing, haven't been cheating.  Things are going well.

Up until a couple days ago.  On Sunday I weighed in at 236.6lbs, down 1lb from the previous weigh in. 

Now here's the problem, the next day I went out and bought a new scale, as the one I had wasn't that great.  I used the new scale the next morning, and it added 8 lbs to my weight!  I thought maybe it was just an irregularity, so I checked again the next day, and the next, I'm now down 1 lb from the original 8 lb "gain".  I'm thinking maybe my original scale had my weight wrong this whole time ... but now I'm not sure what weight to use.  Should I just use the number on the new scale?  Or should I subtract 8 lbs from the new scale weight?

I try not to weigh myself other places, like the gym, because it's not first thing in the morning, and the little gain from the water and food usually bums me out so I avoid it.

Any advice would be appreciated :)

*EDIT: I just wanted to be clear that this is not a BS post where I actually went mental and ate 8 lbs worth of calories, I've been sticking to my 1200 cal and drinking all the water.

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