The Devil's Charming ...

July 29, 2005

Matthew Good was more orgasmic than I even could have imagined last night.MattGood&Me
I've seen him live so many times, must be around 15 by now at least, and he never ceases to amaze me. The line up, fuck, he played all of my "hopefulls" (ie. songs I pick before the show that I really really hope he plays). What a set list. Ahhh orgasm heaven. I seriously love that guy. I'm fucking obsessed. Anyway, setlist is as follows:MattGood10

Near Fantastica
Hello Time Bomb
Alert Status Red
Put Out Your Lights
Poor Man's Grey
Oh Be Joyful
Load Me Up
Everything Is Automatic
Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
Encore: Giant, Advertising On Police Cars and ApparitionsMattGood9
Then he had an autograph session and I got my Blue Loser Anthems signed and got a pic with him. And I don't care that I didn't get any sleep for work because I spent the whole day in post-Matt Good Euphoria.

You Will Come Back Within Yourself

July 26, 2005

Ok so I'm totally back from vacation now. No more leaving you all hanging like that for a while, probably until finals this winter, but we'll see.

I'm really pissed off because my stupid camera is refusing to load pictures onto my computer, and now I can't upload my camping pics. Hmmm, I'm gonna freak out at the guy who sold it to me because I'm stupid and useless.

Today my boss was leaving work for his lunch break and then he phoned me on his cell phone because there was a long line of cars only going to the one booth that was open and he's like "Stephanie you might want to open because it's busy out here" and I'm like "uh yeah! My computer just broke down, I was open and now my machiene doesn't work so not my fault.. I'm in the process of moving to another booth"

Umm people are dumb. and then I was upset because I got that complaint about me not being open enough but I'm like fucking always open, god damned fucking workplace. Assholes work there. Fuck. You can never do enough. They want your booth open, but you have to make all the coupon sheets while doing customers and then you have to do all the paperwork and all the other shit. Fuck not for what I'm getting paid.

Bad mood Stephanie is on the prowl.

Johnny Depp... ahh my true love

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My Trip in a Nutshell - That Said, I'm going Camping

July 20, 2005


I Big You Ado, Adu?

July 12, 2005

Well this will be my last post for a few days. I'm off to BC with my family, actually my parents are already there and me and my brother are driving up together. Moon
So, assuming we don't kill each other on the drive there, it should be an OK vacation. I just got a new memory card for my camera, so I'll take lots of pictures. But really, anything when I'm not at work is awesome by my standards, so there you go.

Plus I have a whole month of Dilbert cartoons to read on the carride to Calgary, as that is the portion of the trip my brother is driving, because he's not allowed to drive in the mountains. He's a speedy little guy. Anywhoo - not all that much new with me recently. Kinda just hung around the house the past few days relaxing, reading, and eating mango ice cream.

The Best Part of a Toga is the Breeze

July 10, 2005

I'm seriously starting to question just what kind of a vacation this is as I was awoken this morning by another phone call from work. sky
The other girl on my rotation wants to trade some shifts after I get back, fine, awesome, let me sleep you crazy people.

Boring day, washed my doggie, went for supper at my Baba's house, everyone is scared that me and my brother will starve now that my parents have left town, so hence the supper at Baba's house.

Now I'm home, not doing anything. My brother is watching some stupid movie so no thanks on that one. I think I'll do my nails, I'm so vain. And also I'm pretty sleepy so it might not be a good idea. But I did rent a bunch of chick flicks, so maybe it is. Hmmm.

This is a picture of a two rainbows that were outside yesterday, because it was lightly raining and it was really warm and beautiful all at the same time, and I thought it would be fun to take a picture of them, although I worried about the water on my camera, but everything turned out OK!

Time for Stephanie's Super Secret Sunday!

Stephanie's Super Secret #3:When I know I'm going to be alone for the evening, I rent a bunch of teeny-bopper chick flicks and watch them all night long. Because secretly, I love teenmovies a whole fucking lot.

Her Hitler Hairdo is Making Me Feel ill

July 9, 2005

I'm the lamest girl in lametown. It's Friday night - I spent it at home doing nothing. Oh, I watched Legally Blonde and Anchorman. That was all. I was supposed to clean my room today, but I was to tired and it was to hot and now the fishtank has algae on it and there are plants floating around cause the stupid fish keep uprooting them.

Sharon from work woke me up this morning. She called to yell at me because the coupon sheets I've been working on aren't done and what is that status of them?
Umm Sharon, I'm on fucking vacation, and the fucking coupons have been in the booths for the past 3 weeks and were approved by super airport management way before then, so don't fucking call back ever again.

That woman astounds me. Oh well, I know something she doesn't know. This other co-worker who just got fired, but who lives with her is sleeping with her son. Hahahaha how do you like those apples?

I'm tired and cranky and things from the past keep popping up and I don't know how to feel about it. Happy in one hand, disturbed and pissed off on the other.

I think I'm going to go for a bikeride tomorrow. I hope I don't break the fucking thing. *lol* That would be embarassing. Maybe I'll go to Spalady. Hmmm I wonder what their hours are. I remember showing up there at 2:45pm once and they were like "we're closing" and then I forgot my runners there and I was sad.

Good thing I'm on vacation or I'd probably snap.

Fear the Sky

July 8, 2005

I just saw a preview for Stealth, and let me tell you, the only way I'd fear the freakin sky is if I was Chicken Little and I thought the god damned thing was falling. So screw you summer blockbuster, I'd rather sit home and watch Judge Judy.

Kiss and Feel Content - Like Drinking a Caramel Frappucino

I'm typing on my Dad's computer, and it's weird because it's not my laptop and the keys seems sticky but mostly it's my imagination.

Anyway, I"m mad because my nose is stuffffffy and I"m going to BC and I don't want a stuffy nose.

I'm going to photoblog the whole thing. But I don't leave for a few days so it's all good, posting will continue as normal. I'm even feeling inspired for a new Stompy cartoon.

FYI - I'm Fabulous

July 6, 2005

Today is the first day in history that something good actually happened at work. My boss called me into his office to talk to me. Uh oh!

Anyway, he just wanted to tell me how impressed he was with the job I did on the weekend and how it was so refreshing not to be called every 10 minutes with a problem. He said I'm Exceptional - so haha Sharon you stupid cow, I'm exceptional and you're just a nonexceptional power in the head lady. Because I could fill shifts and you couldn't and I don't give a shit about month end crap and I don't care that you yelled at me about not doing it because I worked 18 hours and now I'm exceptional and you had to do month end so hahahaha.

But seriously folks, the power of being "team leader" has gone right to her head and now she thinks she's the queeen of the world or something and that she can yell at me all the time and I silently think HAHAHAHAHA because she is here in this stupid stupid job for the rest of her life and to me it's only a summer job so HAHAHAHA.

EDIT - I'm an uber-bitch

For a Minute There I Lost Myself

July 4, 2005

And here I am again, a liar as always. And only my second week in. Well, Stephanie's Super Secret Sunday was postponed until today, as I had to work 18 hours yesterday, and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.
Work was dumb and was a total disaster for the first little while and then the next little while was OK because I was driving the work truck #67 and rocking to CKUA and was wearing my killer sunglasses and it was the shit.
And I'm not one to use that term lightly. Anyway, Friday morning I managed to break 3 out of 4 gates into the parkade and people were honking and yelling and I was yelling back saying I was doing the best I could and they could park in fucking hourly parkade so fuck off daily is closed assholes. Then I fixed 2 out of those 3 gates, so then I went off on my mission to fix Pay on Foot inside the airport, and I fixed the one that was broken and broke the one I was just checking.Chick4
Then on Sunday morning I found out our stupid night Head Cashier had gone to emergency because she had what turned out to be a stomache cramp, and we were shit out of luck. I phoned her to see if she was comming in that night and couldn't get a hold of her, so I made a back up plan, had someone comming in in her place. Got a hold of her at 2pm she said she was comming in, canceled the backup plan. 4pm rolls around, she phones, her ride didn't show up, she's not comming in. Day head cashier Sally, who had been there since 4am, stayed until Midnight. I went home at 6pm and took a nap, then came back at midnight to stay until 6am. Chick3
18 fucking hours, no thank you. Bullshit. I go to leave, its 6:15am, I'm excited to be going home finally to curl up in bed and sleep. I've locked my keys in the car. I have to wait for AMA. I get home at 7:30am, I slept until 2:30pm. I only got up because I thought I should go watch soap operas, and not sleep all day long. But was still very exhausted. I got a couch today, and a chair and some end tables, I love free stuff.
Then I went out with Gina and we had fun. But the lady at Big Al's Fishies pissed us off, and we didn't get anything or any help.
OK so I suppose it's time to get to it:

Stephanie's Super Secret #2:

All these celebrities are all mad crazy about 1000 thread count sheets, and I don't know what that means. But in all honnesty, the best sheets I've ever slept on, and there have been a couple different kinds (silk for example) are the ones on my bed. And they have Care Bears on them. The Care Bears play in their Care Cars and there are rainbows and clouds and everytime you put your legs under the covers you feel like you're slipping into extacy.

I took the pics on my camera off my computer screen from a program at this site.

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