November 23, 2006

I taught my first two classes today. It was extremely stressful. I heard along the way that you lose your nervousness about halfway into your first class, and then after that it's only slightly nervewracking. It was kind of like that, but I still felt naucious when I started teaching my second class. We did a lab, it was pretty fun. It was weird because the kids in the more poorly behaved class of the two sections responded to me a lot better than the kids in the well behaved class. Tomorrow should be ok. We're finishing a chapter on disease and then we're going to watch Osmosis Jones. Yeah for me, planning fun lessons.

November 19, 2006

So today is my birthday. The big 2-4. I'm almost a quarter of a century. Gina, Katie and Lyndsey took me out for lunch/supper. It was delicious but I really should not have had dessert, never had desser - it just makes you ill.

Student teaching starts tomorrow. I'm nervous. I'm not teaching until Tuesday, but I'm already in a state between panic attack and nervous breakdown.

November 15, 2006

3 exams to go and then I'm doing my practicum. Throw in my birthday this weekend, and it should make for some good times. Stress, presents, and throw yourself in front of a bus stress. I like being me!

Other than that, I am lamenting in the sorrow that Lost is gone until February. Sad times these are. Oh well, I don't really have time for TV anymore anyway. So it's one of those "blessings in disguise" kind of things.

This is a short post. Perhaps I will post again before another 2 weeks have gone by. We shall see.

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