It's 2:25am

January 29, 2006

I'm sleepy

I'm going to sleep now

Ok bye

January 28, 2006

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...
And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.
Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.

I Won't Talk Turkey With Someone Who Don't Want to Talk Turkey

January 26, 2006

OK, I'm starting to think it's me. I attract crazy people. And today, I literally mean it, not in a derogatory way, just in a "this guy seriously has mental problems" kind of way.

This guy was sitting beside me on the busride home, he turns to me.

Guy - "Did you have turkey for Christmas dinner?"

Me - "yes"

Guy - "Poultry, meaning chicken, turkey, duck and geese are the slaves of humans"

Me - "ok"

Guy - "they're carted around just like people are packed into this bus. Did you know that when they brought people over from Africa to be slaves, the ships were called slavers?"

Me - "No, I didn't know that'

Guy - "Now I call the trucks that carry the chickens slavers. And I call busses Humaners. I went downtown to deal with my employment compensation and there were all these people in the building. I think the "institution" is like a human, and all the humans in the "institution" are like cells of the human"

Me - "ok"

Guy - "Chickens are our slaves. Would you eat a chicken if you were in heaven?"

Me - "ummm I guess so"

Guy - "Chickens in heaven is like having a lambourgeni (spelling?) You don't really need it but it's nice to have. I was going to tell this guy *points at a guy sitting in front of us who has his sweater hood pulled all the way over his face* that chickens are the slaves of humans, but he doesn't want to know about it and I don't want to tell people about turkeys if they don't want to know about turkeys"

Me - *Thinking to myself- I don't want to know about turkeys!*

Guy - "My psychiatrist is trying to get me free tickets to the citadel theater. That's entertainment. Entertainment for humans"

Me - "Yup they have some good shows there"

Guy - "Darn right they do, shows for humans"

Me - "Oh this is my stop. Gotta go"

I walked the rest of the way home.

It's HNT Again.

Oh Half Nekkid Thursday, how I love thee. It's a great break the assignment I should be working on. In anycase, I'm a photo whore this week and am putting up 4 photos, all basically the same. Lip theme.





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I'm on the Steroids - Hope I don't become 76feet tall

January 24, 2006

So lately I haven't been able to breathe.

I was under the impression that there was a gigantic booger that just wouldn't come out. But since this has persisted for over a month I decided to wise up and head to the doctor.

Apparently, there are some kind of "nodules" in my nose that are swollen up so much it's blocking the air from passing.

So I was prescribed a steroid nose spray. Should take 1-2 weeks to kick in. So I've been telling everyone I see that I'm on steroids because i'm a dork like that.

I Hang My Head in Shame

Well it's a sad sad day here in Canada. I'm wearing black to mourn the loss of our social programs.

I'm not surprised by the result of the election, we all knew this was comming, but I was just holding onto the hope that it really wouldn't. And yet it did. Say hello to Mini-America, formerly known as Canada.

Goodbye abortion, goodbye gay marriage, goodbye public health care.

Hello Religion-crazed unfair and unjust policies, and a special hello to the War in Iraq.

Also, please read Rick Mercer's blog for insightful and colourful descriptions of the cabinet. I had a chuckle, and then a shudder. It's scary. link

It's Election Day and if you Don't Vote I'm going to block you from my Blog Forever!

January 23, 2006

Except I don't know how to do that... in any case, the threat is real.


Except not for Hitler ummm I mean Harper

Hey Guys, It's Sunday

January 22, 2006

Ok so today is Sunday, which means that basically I did nothing this weekend except a very small amount of reading and am now like a zillion days and chapters behind and the panic is starting to set in a little bit as I have to present a topic for a paper tomorrow and I still don't have any super great ideas.

So if you happen to read this blog tonight, please please please leave a comment on what you would write about. Here's the topic: anything to do with any drug or substance of abuse.

That is it. But I'm not having any Einsteinian flashes illuminating my brain.


January 21, 2006

Tonight I feel like posting my favorite thing that someone said to me today.

It comes from a co-worker of mine.

Coworker: Stephanie, you lost so much weight last summer, you sure gained it back!


January 19, 2006

I left my camera at my Baba's (grandma's) house. So I dug up an old photo to use. I played with it a bit.

It's from a time when my legs were my best feature, although they probably still are. In any case, Happy HNT everyone!



I like the second one better, I like how my face looks like I'm the Phantom of the Opera with that mask kinda thing.

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It's the One Year Blog Anniversary - Blogiversary

January 16, 2006

So here it is, my blog is 1 year old today. It feels like I've been blogging forever, and like I have just started all at once.

So I thought to celebrate I'd post some highlights of posts I like from the last year.

March 1: Stop telling me to leave the hallway Felix, I'm not talking to anyone, I'm taking a nap. I sleep in hallways, I can sleep anywhere, such is the life of a student. Although, I will never sleep in CAB again, as Campus Security caught some chick giving a guy a hand job on one of the couches. What the fuck is wrong with people?

April 23
: I'm so drunk. Drunk on my love for Nutella.. mmm chocolate spread. No wonder I'm fat, seriously, I never even had a chance. Today I had a mental breakdown because I couldn't for the life of me remember the 3 Laws of Thermodynamics. And then I started freaking out, because maybe I'm losing memory with age, but I'm only 22. Not good.

May 15:
This morning when Gina called my cell, I found my purse neatly stashed in my underwear drawer.

May 18: Sometimes things are crazy. Like maybe someone at work gets arrested and then you get a secret promotion. I can't say for sure that that happened to me, the secret promotion that is, but I could certainly hint at it.

May 31: I accidentally licked my finger, and it had doggie medicine on it; it tastes just like tylenol.

June 1:
"Ummm, Ummm, Umm proteins are good?" I would sit in my front row seat and fantasize about spitting on him.

June 11:
We met a 15 year old named Matt. He wanted to know when we had accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives. He sounded like a robot, and for awhile I thought he might be an alien.

June 25: We put our bags in the kitchen and I'm not really sure why we're there but there are palm trees all over the place. Then I get the feeling this is about drugs but I'm not sure. And then this guy is threatening me because I didn't pay him to swim with the dolphins. We get into an argument because in fact he is not a dolphin, so why should I pay to swim with him? And he's still wearing his weird little yellow hat. So then he's pulling a gun on me, and Jeff Goldbloom comes into the kitchen and is all "What the fuck?!"

July 9: Sharon from work woke me up this morning. She called to yell at me because the coupon sheets I've been working on aren't done and what is that status of them?
Umm Sharon, I'm on fucking vacation, and the fucking coupons have been in the booths for the past 3 weeks and were approved by super airport management way before then, so don't fucking call back ever again. That woman astounds me. Oh well, I know something she doesn't know. This other co-worker who just got fired, but who lives with her is sleeping with her son. Hahahaha how do you like those apples?

OK I'm bored of this.

The End - Happy Blogiversary to me

EDIT: I'm finishing the year

August 1: I only left the house to go and buy some alcohol. Probably that's a bad sign. I don't care. The alcohol was for my Baba.

August 23
: If God created everything, what the fuck were the dinosaurs about?

August 31
: Yesterday this crazy Moroccan guy that I've been talking to proposed to me and told me that even though I'm fat he would like to marry me.

September 14: New motto: fuck school man!

September 21: Angela and I walked out of our physics lab. *NOTE: this was the best moment of 2005 by far!*

September 27
: So today I met Chad. And it was weird.

October 13: my first attempt at HNT

October 15: a meat hat? wtf? i mean, what about bears? doesnt a meat hat attract bears?

October 24: Then I open my eyes as the final layer of ice is freezing on top of me and I woke up FOR REAL, in real life I mean, because I couldn't breathe. It was the most fucked up thing ever.

November 14: This guy just walked by and he was talking on a cell phone, and he said: "You know what I just realized? That I'm thinking!"

November 26: My arm gets a mind of its own and spills a glass of diet pepsi all over my laptop. I start screaming like a banchee and pick up laptop to drain it. I start crying hysterically and try the computer.

December 16
: OM-FUCKING-G!!! I'm in a frenzy. I'm in a fucking swearing hatred frenzy

New Fishies in my Fishy Factory

January 15, 2006

I got new fishies today. Albino Eureka Red male and female.
The male is in the middle of this photo, Bicolour top left, Bumblebee bottom right.
Male in middle, female (whose just white) top rightish.
Male in middle, female top left. Bicolour and Tawiaan Reef bottom left.
OK, Firefin right at the front, Albino Eureka Male right on top, and then Yellow Guy (don't know what he is) kind of behind him.

The Darkest One

January 14, 2006

Me- I don't even really want to watch this show.

Dad- What? Twister? This is your show. Remember?

Me- What?

Dad- This was your favorite show when you were a teenager. You were all about this show. You were friggin posessed.

Me- What? I was not. You don't know what you're talking about

Dad- Shut up and make some popcornHNT9.51

I had high hopes for this weekend, I was going to get so much homework done. So far I haven't done anything. I'm going to Red Deer tomorrow, so I doubt anything will get done tomorrow either. I can feel the waves of panic settle over me, it's reassuring, because I've never been ahead of the game, only 2 steps behind.

My Most Daring HNT so Far

January 12, 2006

This is definately the hardest post I will probably ever do. It's HNT, tummy style. And I have to admit, the tummy shot is much much harder to post than last week's boob shot.



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Court - What's that about?

January 9, 2006

Well I went to court. I got there and saw "the accused", that's what they're called when you're at court you see, not just the defendant, the accused. Anyway, then I sat in the waiting room with my boss and we chatted with this other lady who was also a witness but for another case.

Then the defense lawyer wanted to talk to me and my boss, so we went in this little room and sat around a table and he asked us questions about how the whole paperwork and cashout stuff is done. Then after that we went back to the waiting room so the defense lawyer could talk to the accused.

Let me tell you, those were the comfiest waiting room chairs I have ever sat on. Very cushiony. So then the accused went into the court room and we sat in the waiting room and apparently they pled guilty, well I guess she pled guilty because there was only one person charged but her husband was there so it's plural. Anyway, my boss had to go into the courtroom to give them the address of our office so that the accused could pay restitution. Then the accused, I guess the guilty by this point, came over to chat with me to see how school was going and stuff. And she was crying and I felt bad. Then the court people told me I could go home so I did.

And that's what court is about.

The End

Most Awesome Ukranian Christmas Dinner Conversation

Dan(my brother)- Why do you guys always want to know what I'm doing? I could be a superhero

Dad- Yeah, there's Superman, Spiderman, Wonderman - you can be Womanman *laughing*

Dan- Wait, what? There's no Wonderman

Dad- Yeah but you can be Womanman, get it?

Mom- That's so lame

Me- Eyes rolled to the ceiling

It's Ukranian Christmas

January 8, 2006

Today is Ukranian Christmas, or maybe it was yesterday, in any case, we celebrated today. And celebrate did we ever, I did a zillion loads of laundry and watched a movie on TV and then we went to Baba's and ate a zillion different foods and then I went and saw Memoirs of a Geisha. It was good. Not as good as the book.

I went by myself. I didn't want to be around people today. I was depressed again. I keep thinking about the past, and thinking about all the things that change, and how we lose touch with people we thought we would be connected to forever and things like that make me sad. And I know things have to change, but it sucks nevertheless. Is that supposed to be one word? I don't know.

Anyway, the movie was good, but they left out some crucial stuff, and changed a lot of stuff from the book. But if I hadn't read the book I would have loved it I'm sure. But I did read it, so it was just pretty good in my books.

And I read all these critics talking about how amazing the dance was in the 12 inch shoes, ummm did you not notice that she TAKES THEM OFF. Cause I sure did.

Anyway, I have to go to court tomorrow morning. I'm going to get up early and curl my hair, so that I make a good impression on the judge. Seems like a good idea, probably not such a great one come 7am.

Saturday Night Hijinks

January 7, 2006

Dad- What's that garbage bag for?

Me- Nothing

Dad- Are you cleaning your room?

Me- Maybe

Dad- Maybe? What else would you be doing with it?

Me- Building a time machiene to go back in time to when my room was clean

Dad- That was 23 years ago. You were a baby

Me- Hoser

I'm Depressed - even though my boobs look good

January 6, 2006

Today Raymi, one of my favorite bloggers, made some crazy pillow thing and I thought it was awesome so I'm posting it here and linking to her site because I'm amazed at how amazing she is all the time.RaymiPillow
I'm listening to David Bowie right now. I gave the cd to my dad for his birthday, but actually it turned out he had all the songs on different cds, so i kept it and gave him the money instead. I told Gina she should listen to some Bowie and that he's really good looking for an older gentleman and she laughed at me but it's totally true.Bowie
I mean seriously, yummy.

Today I spent the day fighting once again with the Faculty of Education. Seems they are unaware of proper counting technique and made the wrong program sheet for me, and insisted for a good 15 minutes that I need more chemistry courses to meet the requirements. I then proceeded to count out the chemistry courses I have taken on my fingers and show them that I do infact have all the chem I could ever possibly need. Ugh. I hate this faculty. It never ends.

It was my dad's birthday today, and also Katie's birthday. Yeah cake. Good day. Not really. Completely depressed. Feeling alittle better now though.

Came to the conclusion that even if I am single for the rest of forever, it has benefits. Like, I can always watch whatever I want on tv, or listen to whatever I want on the radio. And most importantly, I can buy as many pairs of shoes as I want.

Hello Lover - HNT is back

January 5, 2006

After a month and a half of torture, I have finally gotten my laptop back. Completely fixed, hard drive intact. Nothing lost. Wonderful.

Since my laptop has finally been returned, HNT can resume. This picture is dedicated to two guys, I don't know their names, but when I was younger and driving around with Gina, she encouraged me to flash them, and beyond my better judgement I did. Then we got stuck at a red light, and they were beside us, they said I was awesome, and then they followed us around a little until we lost them.


And just like it was against my better judgement to flash those guys so many years ago, it is against my better judgement to post this now. Oh well.

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