June 22, 2008

Last night was a treat. It's been a long time since I've seen a concert in the Jubilee Auditorium, and it is as great a venue as I remember. What I especially like about the Jubilee is the announcement of how long the wait is until the show is starting. Excellent.

It's been years since Matthew Good has toured with a band, and my anticipation level was at an all time high. Don't get me wrong, I loved the acoustic tours, but there's something truly spectacular about watching Matthew Good perform with a band.

As the lights dimmed and the first chords of Champions of Nothing were played a huge grin spread across my face... then in true concert spirit, he forgot the lyrics. One of the great moments of the night was the ending of A Single Explosion, which I found to be incredibly delightful.

A personal favorite, Avalanche, was played, but it didn't seem as tightly played as the last time I saw it in full band. Odette and Giant were really wonderful to see played again. And to my extreme joy, Girl In the War was played last. It was a great cover and truth be told, I shed a couple tears during it.

After the show I finally completed my collection of autographs getting In A Coma, White Light Digipack signed, courtesy of Gina. And I got Lo-Fi B-Sides and Loser Anthems signed. Yay! Maybe I'll take a picture.

Overall, a very memorable Matthew Good Rockgasm.

★ ★ ★

On another note, I spent the whole morning in a medi-clinic. After spending 4 months of this year with pink eye, after seeing a specialist to finally get rid of it, one month later it's back. And it's worse than ever. I took along the drops the specialist gave me and requested a refill, which resulted in the doctor telling me that he didn't think I had pink eye. But I had spent a long time in that sitting room and I was pissed off. Four months my eyes looked exactly like this, yes it is pink eye.

In the end I got my drops and am looking forward to white eyes on the horizon.

What My Dreams Are Made Up Of

June 18, 2008

Just like the image says, "The iPhone You've Been Waiting For". Yes, Yes I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting. And now with less than a month to go my heart is starting to swell with anticipatory joy.

Oh Apple, you are my drug addiction. Once you start you just cannot stop. iPod, MacBook Pro, new iPod.... iPhone! Huzzah!

It's possible my now unstoppable drool response is also due to the upcoming concert season. Oh summer, you have not failed me this year. Except for the sunburns I have already acquired; I'm not so happy about that.

Must Have Lost My Mind When I Lost the Car Keys

I cannot go to bed early. Every morning I wake up with the intention of being in bed by 11pm... and here it is, 1:43am still awake.

I regret it every morning, yet I just can't get into bed at a reasonable hour.

I suppose this would be alright if I was actually doing something with my time, but alas no... I spent 3 hours changing the background colour of my blog. Well, I suppose a little of that was first creating the pic in PhotoShop, but not much. It's been so long since I've been on here I've forgotten all my HTML knowledge. And I can't bring myself to upgrade my template.

Probably if I clicked that upgrade button I could have made all my changes in 10 minutes.

Some people never learn, I'm one of them.

How is it you can keep mutating and still be the same deadly virus?

June 1, 2008

In case you are wondering what happened to me:

I got a substitute teaching job... despite parking in the snow lane and having to move my car during my job interview, as well as looking like a crazy drug addict

I had pink eye for 4 months! (hence the drug addict chic look)

I lined up a zillion concerts for this summer.... best summer ever really

I guess that's it


Hey It's My Favorite Holiday - Barf

February 14, 2008

Hey everybody, look how red my eye is... Sweet! Too bad I looked like a drug addict for the job interview I've been waiting 7 months for. Oh and maybe I shouldn't have parked in the snow removal lane and had to be paged on the intercom to move my car. In my defense, there really was not enough signage.

So it's Valentine's day again. Is is me or does it always seem like it's Valentine's Day? Maybe it's just my sense of impending doom.

So as to not break tradition, I will be alone yet again this Valentine's Day.

Question: are you ever really alone when you buy yourself a pink iPod Nano?
Answer: NO.

Hey everybody - you can see my reflection in the iPod screen! Double picture. I like how my hair gets worse and worse with each picture. I hate to think what it will look like in an hour from now.

Now on the positive side of things, I did go on a date last week. I know what you're thinking - and yes, it is some kind of miracle and I wouldn't be surprised if we're about to experience the apocalypse.

Treasure Hunters II

February 4, 2008

The much anticipated sequel to the smash hit Treasure Hunters.

This happens the day after the first one was shot.

If you haven't seen the first one, it's the post before this one.

Thanks to Barbara for turning me on to the music.

My iMovie HD directorial debut

January 30, 2008

So today Gina and I went on an adventure... it's like -30 Celsius...

I took a video and played with iMovie HD... it was fun times

There's music, so turn on your speakers and enjoy!

Come Down and Waste Away With Me

January 18, 2008

Oh yes my friends.. as well as two posts already this year, I also have new shoes. Joy!

I really have to ask this question... to the one or two readers that still might swing this way every once and a while. Am I the only one that is feeling extremely optimistic about 2008? Somehow it already seems a lot better than 2007 and we're only 18 days in.

Over the holidays my family all came together and re-watched Season 3 of Lost. Tonight it all came to an end as the two-part season finale captivated us once again. And now, only 11 days to go until Season 4... and not just Season 4, but Season 4 in HD.

I am also determined to see Radiohead in Vancouver, or Toronto, or Montreal... I will get a ticket to somewhere!

I'm also starting to get bored of not having a job. Don't get me wrong.. laying around and doing nothing is good times... but maybe I should make some money so I can put some gas in my car.

Holy Moly an Update

January 3, 2008

So here we go.. the annual year end recap of 2007..

By far the worst decision of 2007 was to give up napping. Soon to be best decision of 2008 - start napping.

End of recap post... I'm not a fan of them really.

New Year's resolution = do not spend any change. People who know me know how difficult this will be as I routinely travel around with about $34 of loose change at the bottom of my purse. This is a good plan if you like making a fool of yourself, or if you are scared of being mugged. Chances are the mugger will be so perplexed by the weight of your purse that he/she will just give up.

My dad has become obsessed with Harry Potter and is now comparing pretty much every situation you can imagine to something that Harry Potter has done. For example, he came up with this joke:

Why did the chicken cross the street?
Answer: To get to St. Mungo's Hospital of Magical Maladies

Imagine living with that all the time.

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