February 20, 2007

Today is my first day of student teaching - I'm freaking out even though I know I'm not teaching anything today. I just hope I don't teach anything all week. I can deal with starting next Monday, but the thought of starting Thursday of Friday is giving me an ulcer.

This is going to be a looooooong 9 weeks.

Oh Chem. What was I thinking?

February 16, 2007

Man oh man. I was looking at some of the links that people take to get here, and one was some crazy search that resulted in one of my old posts showing up. I totally forgot about this:

I Won't Talk Turkey With Someone Who Don't Want to Talk Turkey

OK, I'm starting to think it's me. I attract crazy people. And today, I literally mean it, not in a derogatory way, just in a "this guy seriously has mental problems" kind of way.

This guy was sitting beside me on the busride home, he turns to me.

Guy - "Did you have turkey for Christmas dinner?"

Me - "yes"

Guy - "Poultry, meaning chicken, turkey, duck and geese are the slaves of humans"

Me - "ok"

Guy - "they're carted around just like people are packed into this bus. Did you know that when they brought people over from Africa to be slaves, the ships were called slavers?"

Me - "No, I didn't know that'

Guy - "Now I call the trucks that carry the chickens slavers. And I call busses Humaners. I went downtown to deal with my employment compensation and there were all these people in the building. I think the "institution" is like a human, and all the humans in the "institution" are like cells of the human"

Me - "ok"

Guy - "Chickens are our slaves. Would you eat a chicken if you were in heaven?"

Me - "ummm I guess so"

Guy - "Chickens in heaven is like having a lambourgeni (spelling?) You don't really need it but it's nice to have. I was going to tell this guy *points at a guy sitting in front of us who has his sweater hood pulled all the way over his face* that chickens are the slaves of humans, but he doesn't want to know about it and I don't want to tell people about turkeys if they don't want to know about turkeys"

Me - *Thinking to myself- I don't want to know about turkeys!*

Guy - "My psychiatrist is trying to get me free tickets to the citadel theater. That's entertainment. Entertainment for humans"

Me - "Yup they have some good shows there"

Guy - "Darn right they do, shows for humans"

Me - "Oh this is my stop. Gotta go"

I walked the rest of the way home.

I love staying up late

Bad tv and nail trimming

Some of my favorite things

February 15, 2007

So happy Valentine's Day everyone. I think that this is probably the best Valentine's day I've ever had. Why you asK? Super awesome episode of Lost. Frankly I'm amazed by these writers, ans just cannot believe that people are upset about the direction of this show. It' sjust so good.

Ok enough of that.

Today was the greatest day I've have in 5.5 weeks. Why? I finally wrote my final for my super horrible APT course and now I am free with nothing to do until next Tuesday when student teaching starts. Ok free is a relative term, as I still need to learn Chemistry. But I'm not roped into going to a horrifying class that I pretty much sleep through for 3 or 6 hours a day.

ahhh freedom

February 12, 2007

Dear Chevy Aveo (Alero? I don't know):

I understand that maybe you want to drive 50km/hr in an 80kn/hr zone. Ok Fine, but could you maybe not swerve right in front of me and then not speed up when you see that I'm flying towards you like a crazy bancheee and there is no one behind me so why did you have to swerve right in front of me when you could have waited 20 seconds and then the lane would have been all yours to drive as slowly as you wanted.

I don't know your story, mabye you're trying to get rear-ended for the insurance money, how should I know? I just feel that it's my duty to inform you that it is unlikely that I will hit you as I drive like a superstar. And also, it's more likely that I will just swerve into another lane and hit some poor unsuspecting fellow.

It is true that I only got 15 minutes of sleep today, and in all honnesty I feel as though it has heightened my driving awesomeness, not impaired it. I am not speeding, I am driving the speed limit, I'm even breaking because there's an icy patch up ahead. The problem with winter driving is that people get crazy because they see a snowflake and then they imdeiately drop there speed by 400%. THis is the wrong thing to do, because people who actually know how to drive get mad. I"m not talking about those crazy people who drive their big trucks like a zillion km/hr and then end up rolling or are in the ditch, because that is good irony if you ask me.

Anyway, Mr Chevy Aveo/Alero: please retake your driving exam. Or maybe get an eye exam? Perhaps you just couldn't read the speed limit sign.

Did I mention that as of now, my sleep tally for the day is 45 minutes. I managed to have a nap. It wasn't that great. Aparently I was snoring but I am not prone to believe that.

Thank you and goodbye

El Capilano!

I had a huge assignment due today so pretty much I stayed up until 5:40am finishing it and then because I had consumed so much caffiene, I lay in bed for an hour just shaking and having chills. Then I managed to fall asleep for 15 minutes before I had to get up for class.

I've got a great work ethic.

Then my instructor announces that we can hand in the assignment by tonight at like 9pm if we want. And you couldn't tell me this BEFORE I stayed up all night?! WHAT>!

Now all my typing is crazy and I feel like I'm drunk blogging because I"m completely delirious. Even people in my class were like "what is wrong with you?' because I was smiling and really chatty and laughing about everything and normally I am sullen and withdrawn and angry about being at a totally useless class.

I should never sleep and I can be the life of the party all the time everywhere.

Then I was waiting for the bus to come home and I was saying El Capilano in a pirate voice in my head because of that Capitano! but my bus I take is Capilano> get it?! Awesome!

PS> I am going to drive my car now.

February 11, 2007

It's amazing how much my productivity level increases as it gets later and later in the evening. Mornings are bad, I get nothing done. Afternoon brings about a desire to watch TV, as does early evening. But around 11pm my creative juices start flowing and work gets done. All my papers get written around 1-2am. But levels reach a maximum and completely plumit after 3:30am.

It's too bad that I don't go to night school and then sleep all day long.

Update, Update, Read All About It

February 7, 2007

So I went to the school where I'm doing my student teaching and met my mentor teacher, he invited me to watch one of his classes, but I was in class so I couldn't, but I ended up going and just meeting with him so he could give me some resources to use when I'm there. Anyway, he's really nice. And the school has a science technician. That's someone who sets up and cleans up whenever you want to do a lab with your class. This is probably the most wonderful things ever, if you've ever set up a lab for a class before, you'd know why; it's a huge pain in the ass and takes a long long time.

So I recieved my sentance ... two Chem 20 classes and dun dun dun one Chem 30 class. I should probably warn them now that no one will be passing their diploma exam this year. haha. I'm not doing Chem 30 the whole time, just random topics, so that's a relief.

And obvioiusly the most exciting thing in my life ... Lost started up again tonight. Ahhhh wonderful episode. I can't express how much I love this show.

But something I can't express more love for, is that I've been writing all these papers for my classes, and you need to incorporate research and things, and I haven't read a single article yet but I'm still getting over 85%. I don't know how that's possible, and I don't care. Because it's working out well for me.

Lost Parody

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