39636_418913056049_615821049_5347843_1780207_n I'm 27, live with my parents and dog, and work part time. I'm looking desperately for full time, but, it's not really panning out at the moment.

I'm not one of those girls who's had a weight problem her entire life. My problems with food arose during a difficult relationship that I was in when I was in University. I watched my weight rise without really realizing what was happening. Buying pants in larger and larger sizes without really knowing what was happening. Not really seeing my actual image in the mirror.

I'm definitely a "start on Monday" kind of girl. Unfortunately, Monday is always just a week away. Pound after pound, Monday after Monday.

Now I'm 27, single and struggling to find a career. This blog is a journey through my attempts to lose weight and an even crazier journey through a sea of internet dating.

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