December 3, 2005

i like to read this book series about a chick named Stephanie and she's a bounty hunter. and i kind of like to think of myself like that, which is totally fucked up, but true. and i'm feeling like i should blog the truth tonight. so that's what you get. i wish i was a bounty hunter. no wait, mainly she has sex with two hot guys, so probably that's what i'm jealous of, and also she seems to have lots of good shoes, and i fucking love shoes. it's like we're kindred spirits. except she's fictional, i'm not crazy, i realize this, ok

today a customer flipped out at me at work. then i found out that a customer spit on one of my coworkers. if that was me, i would have fucking told him off and keyed his car. thats bullshit

he was mad because he had to pay the weekly rate, and was there for like 6days and 14 hours. lunatic. weekly rate starts at 5 days.

they want me to work tomorrow. they asked after my boss made fun of me in my toque, he said i looked like a jester. and then i made fun of him "this from the guy who needs a favor!" fuck i'm awesome. if only i believed that

it's true that i have been drinking. i don't care. i once kicked a guy in the back, everyone thought i was drunk. but really it was like a metaphor, not a simale, because he stabbed me in the back, and also my best friend. i kicked him, and i don't regret it.

some things i do regret. i like to tell myself that i don't regret anything, but that's a big fat lie.

i was watching leno, and tyra banks looked fat, i felt some satisfaction with that, i mean, she didn't look fat, but bigger than she normally does. body size is fucked up these days. that's not an excuse for me, but seriously man, it's crazy. size 0, who the fuck is a zero? that's not realistic

i've been listening to The Scientist by coldplay on repeat for hours. it's by far my favorite coldplay song. i lose myself in it. i love song like that. where it's almost like you're hypnotized, because all of a sudden it's over and you're like wtf?

ok bye


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie Plum! Yeah, she's lots of fun, but have you ever noticed how she eats doughnuts and junk constantly (as do some other female detective types) and never gains weight? Must be nice to be fictional.
You are a total bounty hunter!

Captain Rocket said...

Sometimes it's ok to punch customers right in the face. They never expect it.

Captain Rocket said...

Blogosphere to Stephanie:

Baby come back.

uglybutterfly said...

Stephanie. I hope you are alive and well. You should come out with me and Chad on Thursday. Fun will be had if you don't have finals or something.

Stephanie said...

Lisa- I would love to come out but alas, I have a Biochem 310 final on Friday, so yeah, no fun for me, only biochemistry.

Captain Rocket said...

Skip it...no one needs finals. That sucks, indeed, Steph.
Good luck to you.

Stephanie said...

if it wasn't worth 50% then maybe.. ok that's a lie. i could never skip a final. :(

uglybutterfly said...

Well good luck on the final. We will have a drink or six in your honour. And then maybe we'll do some sort of a finals god dance because we're cool like that.

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