I'm back like you wouldn't believe

December 12, 2005

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, in all honesty, I kind of just forgot about blogging. I wasn't even trying to take a break from it, I just forgot to post. Weird.

Somehow I'm not worried about finals this year. I'm more worried that I'm not worried and then I just start freaking out and ignore all the studying I should be doing but am not.

I haven't done any EDU reading yet, or Psych reading, and somehow, I just don't care.

Did anyone who saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire notice that Harry Potter is Frodo Baggins. Seriously, at the end of the movie with him looking in at all the goodbyes, I was like, you are Frodo. I feel like they're making these movies and milking everything they can out of it. Like the first 2 were shot like older movies and this one was like a fucking blockbuster with a symphony and tear jerking scenes and rooting for the good guy and all that. But seriously now, Harry is Frodo, like he's all: I have to fight the battle alone (which doesn't actually happen in this movie but you know what I mean - unless you haven't read the books, then you don't know) so anyway, then Ron and Hermione are going to be - we're coming with you Harry. Blah blah. Which sounds an awful lot like "I'm coming with you to Mordor Mr. Frodo" curtosey of Samwise Gamgee. Anyway, I fucking love Harry Potter.

I have a biochem review in 10 minutes. Last week, I went to my proff's lab to pick up my midterm and he gave me a tour of the lab an explained some stuff he was doing. I don't understand him all that well, because he has a thick cuban accent, but the lab was awesome and it tug on my heart that I didn't go to grad school. Then he gave me my test and went through it and pointed out all the questions I got wrong and said that I had lots of room for improvement. Uhhh thanks, like yeah I know I didn't get 100% but I did go up 22% from the last midterm, so I thought it was pretty good.

Oh and also I got subpoenaed to court to testify in this lawsuit from work. It's going to be sweet. I'm going to put "Expert Witness" in my list of talents on my resume.


christy said...

i missed you a lot and i am so excited that you are back that i just did a dance in my chair. yep. true story.

Stephanie said...

awww thanks.
umm, where is your blog?
i think the day i stopped blogging was the same day yours disappeared.
yep. true story.

christy said...

i thought i told you where i moved it to..

wow, i'm really fucking lame.

replace the mistressofmyfate with shutupwhore and you shall find it in all of its boring blogger template glory.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Expert Witness! you rock!

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