Holy Moly an Update

January 3, 2008

So here we go.. the annual year end recap of 2007..

By far the worst decision of 2007 was to give up napping. Soon to be best decision of 2008 - start napping.

End of recap post... I'm not a fan of them really.

New Year's resolution = do not spend any change. People who know me know how difficult this will be as I routinely travel around with about $34 of loose change at the bottom of my purse. This is a good plan if you like making a fool of yourself, or if you are scared of being mugged. Chances are the mugger will be so perplexed by the weight of your purse that he/she will just give up.

My dad has become obsessed with Harry Potter and is now comparing pretty much every situation you can imagine to something that Harry Potter has done. For example, he came up with this joke:

Why did the chicken cross the street?
Answer: To get to St. Mungo's Hospital of Magical Maladies

Imagine living with that all the time.


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