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September 9, 2010

I went in to see my counselor today. Bad news, I've only lost half of the weight I should have by week 8 in my program. Bah!! I should be at 16 lbs lost but I'm only at 8 lbs. My counselors (yup, it's kind of random which one you get when you go there) keep telling me to be positive. Just stick to the program and the weight will come off.

They say my biggest problems are I've been eating too late in the evening, I agree - I've been having a snack at 9pm, way too late! And my other problem is I haven't been mixing up my food enough. Not enough variety apparently. This poses a problem for me... I've only taken up cooking recently and am not exactly an expert at it. I prefer to make things that don't take very long, and don't have much clean up at the end. So I've pretty much been eating the same things everyday. I was actually ok with this until they told me I need to mix it up.

They also told me about this one client they have who lost 100 lbs since January! January! That's 8 months! Holy! Insert jealousy here.

Oh well - I guess it's just baby steps for me.. I think I need to baby step my way to the gym and try exercise on for size.


Anonymous said...

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