Panic Craving Carb Cruncher

December 13, 2010

It's been two weeks since my pre-interview for a job I sort of applied for.  I finally heard back today and am going for an actual interview on Thursday.  At first I was extremely excited, it's a really tough competition, but getting an interview is a great sign, there are only a couple of people who are getting one.

Now I'm kind of panicked.  With panic I usually just stuff my face, crackers, chips, something salty and crunchy.  As I type this it's turning into complete anxiety.  I've needed a job for so long, it's a little overwhelming.

At least the typing kind of sounds like crunching, the salt I can do without, and instead of carbs I'm having water.

Lately I've been eating some kind of fiber cereal for breakfast, 110 cal for 3/4 cup, Fiber Plus maybe?  Anyway, I ran out, wrote it on the list, but the wrong cereal was brought home.  This new one is 260 cal for 3/4 cup.  No way - that's not happening. 

Instead I had Rice Krispies, something I've always loved.  110 cal for 1 cup, plus 1/2 cup skim milk for 45 cal.  I feel unsatisfied.  I'm hungry, stomach growling.  Banana time I think. 


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