Phase 5 Day 7 - Weigh In

February 13, 2011

Ugh this week has been tough.  I'm down 2lbs.  I was hoping for more, but I did have the flu for a couple days and ended up not getting in the exercise on those days.  Or all the water, hard to drink when you're asleep.

But, week 2 is starting, and my water bottle is filled and ready for the morning.

I'm trying out a new gym tomorrow.  It's only a 5 minute drive, as opposed to the 30 minute one I'm currently making.  It's got a pool and all kinds of other facilities.  I'm hoping I'll like it.  Currently when I go to the gym it takes so long to commute it's a total turn off, I go, but I'm never happy about it.


Julie said...

Yeah for the new gym. I hope you like it Stephanie. It's so much easier going when it's closer and maybe walkable when it's nicer outside.
Take care and 2 lbs is good, really good.
Have a blessed day!!

The Ninja said...

I joined a gym that I could practically walk to. I went to my first class last saturday and it was a blast. I'm totes jealous of your pool though, thats awesome!

Debbie said...

Just dropping by to let you know that I'm thinking of you. Hope that everything is going well.

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