Phase 6 - Day 1

May 9, 2011

Things I've learned on day 1 of the Phase 6 challenge:

1.  My stomach is able to emit grumbly sounds all day long
2.  That dull hunger pang just does not go away
3.  One serving of Jell-o is not very much Jell-o.

Allan wasn't lying when he said this was hard.  Time for willpower to kick in. 

Drinking my fluids and staying strong..


Kelly said...

Ahhh the gurgling. That finally stopped for me about 4 days in.

The dull hunger pain finally went away about 8 days in.

The one serving of Jell-O that isn't much? That doesn't change, lol.

Stay strong, it does get better!

Debbie said...

I hope that it gets better. I'm impressed that you've stuck with this challenge all the way through to phase 6!

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