February 12, 2007

Dear Chevy Aveo (Alero? I don't know):

I understand that maybe you want to drive 50km/hr in an 80kn/hr zone. Ok Fine, but could you maybe not swerve right in front of me and then not speed up when you see that I'm flying towards you like a crazy bancheee and there is no one behind me so why did you have to swerve right in front of me when you could have waited 20 seconds and then the lane would have been all yours to drive as slowly as you wanted.

I don't know your story, mabye you're trying to get rear-ended for the insurance money, how should I know? I just feel that it's my duty to inform you that it is unlikely that I will hit you as I drive like a superstar. And also, it's more likely that I will just swerve into another lane and hit some poor unsuspecting fellow.

It is true that I only got 15 minutes of sleep today, and in all honnesty I feel as though it has heightened my driving awesomeness, not impaired it. I am not speeding, I am driving the speed limit, I'm even breaking because there's an icy patch up ahead. The problem with winter driving is that people get crazy because they see a snowflake and then they imdeiately drop there speed by 400%. THis is the wrong thing to do, because people who actually know how to drive get mad. I"m not talking about those crazy people who drive their big trucks like a zillion km/hr and then end up rolling or are in the ditch, because that is good irony if you ask me.

Anyway, Mr Chevy Aveo/Alero: please retake your driving exam. Or maybe get an eye exam? Perhaps you just couldn't read the speed limit sign.

Did I mention that as of now, my sleep tally for the day is 45 minutes. I managed to have a nap. It wasn't that great. Aparently I was snoring but I am not prone to believe that.

Thank you and goodbye


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