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February 7, 2007

So I went to the school where I'm doing my student teaching and met my mentor teacher, he invited me to watch one of his classes, but I was in class so I couldn't, but I ended up going and just meeting with him so he could give me some resources to use when I'm there. Anyway, he's really nice. And the school has a science technician. That's someone who sets up and cleans up whenever you want to do a lab with your class. This is probably the most wonderful things ever, if you've ever set up a lab for a class before, you'd know why; it's a huge pain in the ass and takes a long long time.

So I recieved my sentance ... two Chem 20 classes and dun dun dun one Chem 30 class. I should probably warn them now that no one will be passing their diploma exam this year. haha. I'm not doing Chem 30 the whole time, just random topics, so that's a relief.

And obvioiusly the most exciting thing in my life ... Lost started up again tonight. Ahhhh wonderful episode. I can't express how much I love this show.

But something I can't express more love for, is that I've been writing all these papers for my classes, and you need to incorporate research and things, and I haven't read a single article yet but I'm still getting over 85%. I don't know how that's possible, and I don't care. Because it's working out well for me.

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