El Capilano!

February 12, 2007

I had a huge assignment due today so pretty much I stayed up until 5:40am finishing it and then because I had consumed so much caffiene, I lay in bed for an hour just shaking and having chills. Then I managed to fall asleep for 15 minutes before I had to get up for class.

I've got a great work ethic.

Then my instructor announces that we can hand in the assignment by tonight at like 9pm if we want. And you couldn't tell me this BEFORE I stayed up all night?! WHAT>!

Now all my typing is crazy and I feel like I'm drunk blogging because I"m completely delirious. Even people in my class were like "what is wrong with you?' because I was smiling and really chatty and laughing about everything and normally I am sullen and withdrawn and angry about being at a totally useless class.

I should never sleep and I can be the life of the party all the time everywhere.

Then I was waiting for the bus to come home and I was saying El Capilano in a pirate voice in my head because of that Capitano! but my bus I take is Capilano> get it?! Awesome!

PS> I am going to drive my car now.


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