I Cannot Guess What We'll Discover

June 9, 2007

The family is now taking bets on whether or not I will actually go to Chicago. I didn't see that coming somehow.

Interestingly, my only ally turned out to be Baba, who, thinks it's a fantastic idea for me to move away. She thinks it's possibly because I'm young and she's old - we share a common craziness. Her words, not mine.

Party time tonight - camping at some cabin, I made a mixed CD for the drive out. I'm possibly more excited about the CD than the party, but that's normal for me. I'm batting at par. Can you bat at par? Par is golf, batting is baseball, hmmmm. Conundrum.

In the last paragraph, "hmmmm" is underlined for incorrect spelling. Upon checking the recommendations, it recommends Ohmmeter. HAHAHAHA

That literally made my day


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