Smurfs Built this Country ... back in 1880

June 14, 2007

If I go to Chicago I get to go on a bus tour. That's right, the Chicago school board sends you on a bus tour, and takes you around to different schools.

Edmonton - no bus tour.

Boourns Edmonton.

Now I put this off for a little while - but I'm finally going to talk about it. hm_lg
Matt Good's Born Losers. All I can say is. YUMMY. They day it started streaming on his website, I listened to it for almost 3 hours straight. This seems excessive, even to me, but, I couldn't stop. I was dancing, I was singing, I was in a state of pure euphoria.

Needless to say, I'm pretty much living for July 31st at this point.

Conan O'Brein's hair is aerodynamically amazing.


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