Small Victory

November 4, 2010

First off: Hello to all the new followers!  Thanks for following!  I hope you enjoy the blog :)  I swear, whenever I see the tally of people following grow I get happier and happier :)

Second:  I'm staying at my grandma's again tonight.  It's been a long 6 hours ... I know that sounds harsh, but I'd say 95% of the 6 hours has been her trying to get me to eat Halloween candy, chips, ice cream, crackers, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Normally I'm kind of tempted, moderately tempted,  completely tempted, but today, all I could think about was how full I was from all the water I was drinking.  I must have walked by the Halloween candy about 30 times.  So if we're keeping a tally, 1 point Allan, 0 points grandma.  Small victory for me!

Third:  I found a career fair to go to, it's put on by the city, so I hope it'll be alright.  It's being held on my birthday, so maybe I'll get a bit of birthday luck and something will pan out.

Despite my depression/anxiety the past few days, I took a look back at the past couple of month and realized that this year has been my busiest for subbing.  I'm getting way more jobs than I usually do, so I just need to relax a little.  Stress is bad for weight loss so I need to calm down before it starts to show on the scale.

Speaking of scales, I was telling my mom about Allan's challenge and she's intrigued.  Now a normal person would simply give her the link to Allan's blog, but, as I've kept my actual weight a secret from her and the rest of my family, as well as this blog (which has been a secret since it started, they know I write it, they just can't view it) ... so, instead I'm feeding her the information.  I think she may try to play along.  She wants to lose a bit of weight, but honestly, she really doesn't need to lose much.

This is GREAT news for me, because it means that there will be 2 of us (out of 3) that will be trying to hit 1200 calories a day... which should make for less temptation in the fridge and pantry, as well as balanced meals no matter who's doing the cooking.


Allan said...

Send her to me !!

Anonymous said...

Like the guy above wrote it is correct

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