November 9, 2010

I stole my title from a comment I read on someone's blog - but I can't remember where.

The guru Allan has spoken.  According to Allan I need to consume a minimum of 111 oz of water a day or 131 oz if I want to maximize my weight loss.

So how did Day 1 play out? Well.  I ate my 1200 calories.  I drank 118.3 oz of water, 8 oz of milk, and a can of diet Root Beer (12 oz approx).

I had to force myself to eat supper I was so full from all the water.  I'm usually pretty good at planning ahead for meals, but lately I've kind of lost the desire, but I really need to focus on that again this week, seeing as I didn't see a loss last week, and that's probably part of the problem.

Tomorrow should be interesting ... it's my first day working having to consume all this water.  When it was just the 64 oz I would drink 32 oz during work, then save the rest for the evening, but there's no way I can do that with the increase in fluids.  So it should be interesting.  I know the school, and the room I'll be in is, thankfully, right across the hallway from the staff washroom.  As a sub I hate leaving students alone, so I'll try to maximize break times, but I'm sure I'll have to pop out for a few minutes.

Hope everyone had a great first day, and an even better second!


Anonymous said...

Hiya, Im not sure how many litres 116 ounces is, but just be careful with your water to food ratio- if you drink too much and dont consume enough solids, you can get sick. Dont want to put a damper on you or anything. The average water consumtion should be 1 litre per 30kgs of body weight...

Allan said...

Gotta love the comments... When a 300 pound woman tells you to slow down on the water, start drinking more...I love unsupported comments, but please people, there is a science we are following.

Kelly said...

lol, that was my blog! Kimberly over at The Woman Inside Me said something about waterblogging! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ok, My mistake, and I am willing to admit when I am wrong. Supposedly a healthy human kidney can filter up to 15litres of water a day, so its not a matter of too much technically, but a matter of too quickly. The cells can swell and you can suffer water intoxication. So, I appologise for my prior ignorance to the subjuct, I just recall reading it somewhere before. I still feel though, that your need to point out my weight, both here and in your own blog (though thankfully no names or figures were used over there) cruel. Especially coming from another fat person.

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