November Goals

November 1, 2010

I've been feeling extremely anxious and depressed today.  It all centers around the fact that I'm only working part time. 

I'm a substitute teacher, desperately wanting a full time job, but those are few and far between, and the ones that become available have such a high competition rate that it's pretty much swinging in the dark.  Really the only choice I have if I want to be a teacher is to move to some small town.  So I'm going to start looking into that.  It's not something that I particularly want to do, but, I don't really see another option at the moment regarding teaching.

So my goal for November, is to seriously look into finding an out of town teaching job.  Also, I'm going to start applying for City and Government jobs.  I must be qualified for something, I have a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education. 

It's frustrating to me, and when I get like this I want to eat a truckload of candy/chocolate/chips - anything I can shove in my mouth really.

I know that if I had stability in my career life the weight thing would be a lot easier.  When I was doing one of my student teaching rounds, I lost 15 lbs without drastically changing my diet or adding exercise.  When I have a routine I just naturally eat 3 meals with a light snack. 

So November goals:
  • stick to 1200 calories a day
  • drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day
  • attend a career fair
  • look into teaching out of town :(


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are more than qualified with your two degrees! I think expanding your search to smaller towns is wise. All you need is one break!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for work since February. I can't even get a job working for the same salary I earned in 1985! Employer are seeking the purple squirrel. Either you are not qualified or over qualified. I would take a job flipping burgers, but first I would have to land an interview .... not happening.

Stephanie said...

Exactly Barbara! Just one little break!

Don't give up Anonymous... eventually something will come along.

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