I Get Dumber by the Minute

January 19, 2005

Yesterday I did something completely stupid. When I was locking my car to go into my grandma's house, I locked my purse with all my valuables on the front seat. This was followed by full stage panic. Complete freaking out.

So, I used the maze system we have of hiding a key in the backyard to get into the house. And ten minutes later I was on the phone with my mom to get her to come over so I could call AMA to come open the car. Unfortunately she had an appointment and couldn't make it. So I called my dad, who was in a meeting. So I called my mom back to see if she would come after the appointment.

Meanwhile, I'm completely freaking out because I have a class in an hour, and I really need to go because its only the second week of classes this semester. I start thinking to myself, the logical little minx I am, that maybe, since my grandma gave me this car, she would have an extra set of keys.

I looked around for a good ten minutes before I found something that resesmbled a car key and lo and behold, car unlocked, purse in hand, off to class, crisis averted.


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