Welcome to the Hydra

October 4, 2006


Tonight was the season premiere of Lost, and let me tell you people, I was not dissappointed in the least.ep223l_78_360x240

The opening scene was a book club featuring some of our favorite "Others" and I almost had a heart attack when I saw a whole bunch of "Others" running from their houses when there was a earthquake that turned out to be the plane crash of the Survivors.

So basically I started yelling when they panned out to show that The Others live in houses on the island and they have plumbing and electricity and everything.

Ok, so then they're keeping Jack, Kate and Sawyer in different cages, and they're at a zoo. But then we find out that it's a Dharma station called The Hydra. There are animal cages and there's also an aquarium, but there are no animals. Then we find out that Henry Gale's real name is Ben. Great way to start the new season. Best show on TV by a long shot.


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