January 7, 2007

childrenofmenreviewLast August I saw the preview for Children of Men, and I had been anticipating it's opening from the moment I saw the preview. When it didn't open on December 25th as the preview stated I was enraged and fearful that I would have to wait for dvd. But thankfully it opened on Friday, and I was not dissapointed at all when I finally saw it yesterday. I found it to be extremely surprising, which is something rare in movies these days. Incredible, simply incredible.

My brother smushed egg yolk all over my face today. I'm not sure why.

Winter semester starts tomorrow and frankly I cannot think of anything worse than having to return to school tomorrow. This University is sucking the life out of me. Luckily it's only 4 weeks of class until I start student teaching again. Which may or may not be good, since I am a chemistry major and haven't actually done any chemistry in about 6 years so it could get interesting. Interesting in a bad way. Hmm we shall see.

This is why I don't post more, I'm boring.

P.S. Can someone tell me why this new blogger is so much better> because I'm having problems lining up my pictures and text and also I miss that little thing that went around in a circle and was like "publishing, publishing".


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