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January 9, 2007

Ok so two days done and I'm exhausted and I totally hate these stupid APT classes. They're all touchy feely - "we're on a journey together" blah blah blah gag gag gag. And we have all these assignments that are worth no marks. I have no problem doing assignments when they count for something, but she's just making stuff up for us to do spur of the moment. Today for example, the video she brought about lab safety didn't work so now we have to do a skit on lab safety on friday, for NO MARKS. Total bull. The people in the class are all really nice but I never really say anything so I think they think I'm weird but actually I'm just shy. So there you go.

When we introduced ourselves we had to say why we went into education and most people were like "I love kids, I want to help kids, it will make me happy" blah blah - lies.

I of course told them that after my bachelor of science I 385180-exploding-head-zone
really had nothing else planned so it seemed like something to do. Of course I do enjoy education - well the teaching part - the being at the university makes my head want to explode.

I have also started taking naps and I have to say that I am please with how it's working out.

Today is supposed to be a blizzard but I currently don't see one happening. I hope there is one and all public transportation stops and the University is closed down because I really want to sleep in tomorrow.


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