oy vey

January 10, 2007

I spent 35 minutes waiting for the bus today in the blizzard and I pretty much got a minor case of hypothermia. So instead of a nap I had a 3.5 hour laying on the couch in my pyjamas under a mound of blankets while alternating between shivvering and sweating session. It was good times. I passed in and out of consciousness for most of the afternoon. Damn you ETS. Damn you. Baba (my grandma) said I was snoring. I am hesitant to believe this, but it's probably true as I am having sinus problems as of late.

I also had a headache today.

In class we made circuits with one battery, one wire, and one light bulb. Good times. Then we practiced making up questions to ask students when they can't figure out why their circuit is not working without actually giving them an ounce of information. Constructivism is weird.

Good night.


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