January 13, 2007

A while back Gina lost her camera, so she bought herself a new $400 camera just before she went to Mexico last week. She took the camera to Mexico, and today she returned it to the store.

I'm currently working on a subject audit. Which basically is a list of every single concept students learn from science 7 to science 30, plus chem 20-30 and physics 20-30. I never realized how much there actually is to know, and how much I don't seem to know. This is scary because in 4 weeks I'll be out teaching again and my confidence is at an all time low. I'm so happy I did this audit, thank you U of A, for all your help.

I just found out that my high school english teacher, Mr. G died sometime this week. He had a heart attack while helping a friend move. It's weird because I just saw him recently at a professional development day that I went to when I was student teaching in November. I'm sad I didn't find out sooner, the funeral was yesterday and I would have liked to attend it.


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