May 31, 2007

Ok so Gina pointed out that I haven't put a pic of myself on here in a long time, and yes, that is true. So here we go. Readers beware...scary times ahead. IMGP2213

It's been a long night of thinking about exactly what it is I'm going to do. I suppose really no decision needs to be made, and I really have no job anywhere. It's actually kind of scary to graduate from University, for the second time, and really have nothing. I mean yeah, I have friends and family and all that jazz - but, future = still totally up in the air.

This time next year I could be anywhere. It's a little scary.

I'm pretty sure my left arm is sunburned from driving around with Gina today. Frig. It's itchy like it's on fire.

Random thought aside: what to do.
NOTE: my teeth look really white in this photo WOOT!
When do you reach the point where you wonder if it's worth it to chase after a fantasy? I mean, this fantasy makes you extremely happy....and you think that fantasy could equate, is it worth it to go after it and leave everything you know behind?

I don't really feels like it is. Like this could be the thing I would regret doing if I don't do it. So I suppose that means, go for it.

This all seems obvious as I'm writing this...but honnestly, it's been hours of wondering and staring around my room at nothing listening to Josh Ritter over and over and over. because I'm to lazy to add another disc to my stereo.

God, how can I survive on my own? Who will I hang with? Do you need people to hang with if you're attending a music festival in Hyde Park? You can go to that alone right?

Oy Vey


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