Phase 4 - Week 1 Weigh In

January 9, 2011

Up 1 lb this week.  Sitting at 239 lbs.

I think it's the increase in water, definitely not increased calories.  Also - I'm completely plugged up - I tried eating prunes (my first time - delicious!) but I haven't had the expected prune benefit.

I forgot how fast weekends go by.  And how much people dread Monday.

We're in blizzard weather here, tonnes and tonnes of snow.  Shoveling every few hours to keep it manageable. 

The new job is alright - though I'm not a fan of waking up super early :(


Kelly said...

Ha! No prune poops for you either. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your calories are incredibly low. The average weight female requires at least 1200 calories a day just for normal functioning without exercise. Anything under that and your body is going to hang onto that fat for dear life. I know it sounds crazy but you need to eat more in order for the weight to drop off, just make sure they're quality calories with lots of good fiber (that will help your other issue). I've lost 103 pounds and I've made the mistake in the past of not eating enough and my weight loss plateaued badly. Starvation/crash diets will harm your metabolism.

Kelly said...

I just posted an award for you over at my blog!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear you had a gain this week, I did too and it was a shock and completely devistating and I usually take my gains in stride.

Supposedly 2 tsp of healthy oils (canola, sunflower, grapeside, olive, etc) will help things as well.

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