July 22, 2006

OK, 2 things to blog about today.

#1 - how many of you have recieved the "i'm giving away cell phones to bloggers" email? what is that about?

#2 - when i came home from BC there was a letter in my mailbox addressed to my exboyfriend's family - well, their names followed by my address. it was a sympathy card (we could see through the envelope). my mom delievered it to them today and found out that the card came from their old neighbours when they used to live in another town. people i have never heard of and probably have never heard of me, sending a card to my address. weird.

OK wait.
there's a third thing

#3 - I came home to find Matt Good has a new demo = If I Was a Tidal Wave. *le sigh* What a great thing to come home too.

Song - If I Was a Tidal Wave - Matthew Good


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