July 27, 2006

So yesterday I took my shoes out to Jubilations Dinner Theater with a few co-workers to celebrate one the their birthdays. They're all older than me, like, the closest one is 25 years older than me. But it's all ok because they're just as crazy as me. And they kept me out until 3:30am, those old chicks know how to party let me tell you.

I work capri pants with my beloved heels and they were all suprised that I owned heels, and I laughed at them. Clearly, they know nothing about me. It's true that I only own 2 pairs of heels, but I still love them, my prized shoes basically. I think they thought I would show up in runners, like a tomboy kinda chick. Well, I guess that image of me is over.

So anyway, we went to a dinner theater, and one of the actors was supremely cute, so it was a good night all in all. Although today I am quite tired and I do have to get up at 4:30am to go to work with all these crazy ladies.

P.S. I am getting this phone for free
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