August 10, 2006

So I can finally post about the zoo because Flickr has not been uploading my photos for the past couple of days just to make me mad I'm sure. Actually, it's been a real pain in the bum and it made me super mad. But that is a whole other story.

So I finally made it to Calgary without getting sick (note: I've been sick every single time we've gone to Calgary in the past).

The zoo was fun. Although the dinosaur part was pretty lame. They didn't even look remotely real. But is it fair to expect dinosaurs to look real? Kangaroo7
How the fuck do we know what they are supposed to look like, I mean, bone structure is one thing, but bones don't say anything about colour do they?

Gina left us at a mall for a while, so I bought some shoes, and then she looked surprised when she saw that i had purchased some shoes, clearly she knows nothing about me. I don't know where I will wear then, they're strappy heels, but cute let me tell you. So I couldn't resist. It's unfair really, the shoe companies make shoes that i must purchase, not my fault at all.


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