September 17, 2006

Something happened tonight.

It was unexpected, but welcome.

Before tonight I had no idea at all why I went into the faculty of Education. I didn't know if I wanted to be a teacher, or what I wanted to pursue with this degree. But tonight I went to Staples, and I bought transparencies, they only came in packs of 100. I only needed one.

I spent $15 on a package of transparencies because I could see myself writing on them and using them in the future. As a teacher. I could picture it in my head. Me, teaching.

I almost bought pens to write on them with. I was a woman posessed. I"m full of meaning, and a desire to actually do good at this. Which is weird, because 12 hours ago I wasn't exceptionally passionate about anything except season 2 of Lost.

Don't get me wrong, Lost is definately something to be passionate about, but, I think that I might be good at this. I can see me being really good at this. Weird.


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