Where do I sign up for the Strike?

September 24, 2006

It seems that everything has fallen apart at work. My boss is no longer there - I shouldn't discuss what happened, but it's not pretty. And now there is a mutiny and people are outraged that he's gone. So pretty much this company is just completely screwed. I can't really say that I'm surprised, it was just a matter of time, that place is like a bomb.

Someone called one of the TV channels and they came out and were interviewing people, including all of the head honchos up in the tower of the airport. It's a good thing I got out of there when I did. So much drama.

I gave a presentation to one of my classes last week, complete and utter disaster let me tell you. I get my proff's comments back this tuesday and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Sign
Although he might notice that my partner did an extremely extremely small amount of the presentation and that I pretty much did the whole thing. This is why I hate group work. If I'm going to end up doing all the work, I might as well be doing it all by myself so that I don't have anyone to fight when I present my ideas.

Some of the comments I recieved were that they were impressed with how enthusiastic I was. HAHA, that's not enthusiasm people - it's sheer PANIC. I have no idea what I was saying, words were flowing out of my mouth, expaining the particle theory of matter, and it's all a fog. Like some lucid dream.

It's late and I have yet another presentation in the morning. Oh I love Education, all the group work, all the presentations. In 2 weeks I will be in a school. I don't have any "teaching clothing". All I own are jeans and sweatshirts. Extremely professional. Good times.

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