I Want a Chimpanzee!

November 3, 2005

Ok, So instead of studying for my Psych midterm tomorrow, I decided to watch ER and Survivor.

OMG did you guys watch ER??!?! They had a chimp on there and they were treating it in secret. And then they're doing stuff to it like putting a heart moniter on its little finger and that "Put the Lime In the Coconut" song is playing. And the chimp is being sooooooooooo cute.

It was so cute that I had to call my mom to make sure she was watching the cuteness too. And she was, and we were like "OMG that chimp is so cute!"

And then, you know what happens? He DIES> the fucking cutest chimp in the whole world DIES. OMG OMG OMG. I was so mad. After the coconut song and all the cuteness, he dies. So they bring his mom in so she can say goodbye. And then the mom chimp starts picking things out of Abby's hair and that's cute and everything, but the little baby chimp is dead.

I'm never watching TV again, (except Survivor, oh and also Prison Break, oh and Lost, but that's IT).

EDIT: Ok wait, I forgot House and The Office, which, HELLO is the funniest thing in the world. Yeah, nothing funnier than that show. ANd fuck, House is amazing, plus the guy who plays house is yummy. Yeah I went there. He's yummy. I don't care how old he is. I'd be lucky to age that yummily.

EDIT Numero 2: Ok, that guy, I just remembered his name, Hugh Laurie. Ahhh. Time to study


uglybutterfly said...

That was highly entertaining.

I stopped watching ER when they killed off Mark. I bawled and refused to watch it after that. Stupid cancer.

(that was a horribly long time ago)

Stephanie said...

Hmmm I kind of remember that.

It got sucky for a few seasons but now its back to goodness.

Oh, and totally I am going to watch Trailer Park Boys once it premiers again. And I will also see the movie when it comes out.

uglybutterfly said...

I saw Trailer Park Boys live when they opened for Our Lady Peace

(and Finger Eleven which is the only reason I saw that concert)

They were cool I guess.
Yay for Bubbles

and beer.

Gina said...

I cant handle when animals die. Especailly when they are all cute and stuff.

I am so glad that I didnt watch it. I would be bawling.
I still cant watch The bear or any of those movies. Scared for life. Way to sad.

I watch absoulutly no tv. ITs sad.. Its so sad that I watch no tv. Not even survior. Oh well...

Angela said...

I was so intrigued to watch that ER on Thursday because the preview just showed Abby saying: "That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen"
I'm glad it turned out to be a cute chimp! I was fully sad when he died at the end, and I cried when the mom chimp was stroking her dead baby at the end. So sad.
I don't know how that show roped me back in--I stopped watching regularly after George left.

Stephanie said...

Angela- oh you and George Clooney.

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