November 14, 2005

I'm going to be honnest. Lately I fucking hate my blog. I just don't feel like blogging even a little bit. It's a little sad, because I remember when I first started the blog, and I would post like 12 nonsense posts a day, now I can't even come up with anything.

The only time I really feel like blogging is right now. When I have half an hour before biochem and nothing else to do. And today there is no EDIT 202 lab in the computer room so I can blog today.

Usually there is a lab and I look through the window at Felix and sometimes I stick my tongue out and laugh. Haha Felix.

This guy just walked by and he was talking on a cell phone, and he said: "You know what I just realized? That I'm thinking!"

Wow, at least I'm not that guy.

One time, in EDU 250, this weird guy sat beside me and elbowed me in the head (yes I've told this story before I knoW!) and now he's sitting beside me in the computer lab eating a bananna even though there are signs all over that say no food. And he only types with his index fingers, bananna covered index fingers.

I can hear music comming from somewhere, but I currently am unable to locate the source. And man oh man I wanted to stay home and watch Ellen this morning because it was her and Paul McCartney for a full hour and it looked like it was going to be really good but instead I was good and ran to the bus for some good transportation.

I have to go listen to Cuban music in biochem now.


davey said...

I can't legitimately say that I've ever wanted to stay home for watching Ellen.... good on ya though.

Captain Rocket said...


Sometimes I wish I had TV. And that guy is so annoying, he's been in EVERY Ed class I've taken almost. I am feeling the same thing about my blog and I think it shows. Maybe we all need a vacation from the blogosphere.

uglybutterfly said...

I too have been considering leaving my blog.

Lets all leave together and then we wont have any reason to even think about blogs because we will no that nobody else has posted.


*takes off at a break neck speed*

I hate Bananas.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

maybe you just need a holiday... or else it's Biochem's fault (it's always Biochem's fault).

Stephanie said...

Ohh a holiday would be nice.. really nice.
Or a blog strike. Everyone should go on strike. That way I wouldn't obsessively check if blogs have been updated every half an hour.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry I'll have to be a scab on that strike. I'm just too addicted to this stupid activity.

uglybutterfly said...

Buy me the blue sky
and wrap me in clouds of blasphemy
in the end I won't ask why
you can do what you want with me
maybe we'll be thrown away
maybe we just need a holiday

tanya said...

I found you via ashleys blog (alertstatusblonde) and decided that I like what you've written.

You're funny.

Stephanie said...

Tanya- thank you

Lisa- this time we'll get a room with a view and a velvet painting

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