How is it that I'm such a huge fuck-up all the time?

November 26, 2005

Ok rewind time.

It is now Wednesday again.

Severe panic attack as I'm walking into biochem midterm. Turn to page one of exam. I start blinking rapidly. I know the answer to question one. Turn page. I know question two, repeat sentance over and over until exam is done. (12 pages to be exact - 12 page exam in a 50 minute class, fucking crazy)

Wait, I knew the answers. Easy test, awesome. Am now in extrememly amazing good mood.

Fast forward to that evening, around midnight I'd say. I'm uploading songs to iTunes. I am happy. My arm gets a mind of its own and spills a glass of diet pepsi all over my laptop. I start screaming like a banchee and pick up laptop to drain it.

I start crying hysterically and try the computer. Nope, doesn't turn on. Doesn't do much of anything except when I look at it I start crying. I stay up all night long having a massive panic attack and crying like I've never cried before. All I can think about is how I want to eat my way into a coma and just die. Resist temptation to break into local bakery and steal all the cake. Total depression. Fucking computer, I love the fucking thing.

Must think of a way to clean the pepsi out of it so I can use the 3 year warantee. Dad comes up with a plan. We take it apart and clean it with rubbing alcohol. Ok, I agree to this.

Dad can't get it open. Now what? Good question. We recreate the scene of the crime and pour the rubbing alcohol into the computer, swish it around a bit and drain it.

Laptop is now at Future Shop, hopefully they can fix it.



uglybutterfly said...

You should go into organized crime, sounds like you'd be pretty good at it.

Hope the computer survives.

Gina said...

Sad so sad.

Reminds me of something I would do..

hahaha. How many key board have I gone through on my home computer.

Sucks to your asthmar..
Hopefully u get a good deal out of it.

Maybe get a new super awsome laptop!!

Stephanie said...

my laptop has been sent to Ontario to see if they can fix it. haha, good old warantee.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

fuckity fuck fuck fuck, eh?
hope it's gonna be ok

Captain Rocket said...

Good luck Steph!
That really blows.

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