This Year It Might Just Happen

November 7, 2005

Oh I am excited to see the snow. Oh yes yes I am. I need more, more snow please. I don't want to cancel it this year. I need lots of snow.

Prepare yourself for what I am about to tell you. It is extremely awesome. And although it is a little bit premature, I am excited nonetheless.

It is looking as if "Stephanie's Snowboganning Birthday Extravaganza" may take place this year. Last year it was cancelled due to a lack of snow on the hill. But now that we have a little bit, I'm hopeful that in the next 2 weeks enough snow will accumulate for my extravaganza to take place.

Yesterday Gina and I found a budgie outside United Furniture Wearhouse. It was just sitting on the sidewalk being scared and cute. So Gina picked him up and I got a box from the fish store and we took him home. And he's supposed to come live with me because mom got excited about the bird and now she just decided she doesn't want him anymore. So I have to break the news to Gina. uhoh. Mainly we're not taking him because both me and mom are totally scared of birds. Not my fault though, you try liking birds when one flies across your face as you're hiding in your bed.

Yup, wild bird flying around my bedroom, all over me, until baba came downstairs to see what was going on because I was screaming so loudly, she caught it and took it outside. Crazy bird.


Anonymous said...
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Captain Rocket said...

Sounds like a vicious budgie.

Stephanie said...

the budgie wasn't vicious, just scared

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