Here's the Deal my Dear

February 21, 2006

I am totally ass backwards obsessed with lost. I can't stop thinking about Lost, I'm watching season 1 for like, days on end. I'm almost at the end of it.

I never saw the first season, I only started watching when season 2 started, and man oh man, I'm sad I missed this.

This has to be the smartest and like, bestest show in the history of the world.

The End

If you don't watch Lost, you should watch it.

I will post more later. but I only have 6 episodes to go, so I have to get this out of my system so I can start doing some schoolwork


uglybutterfly said...

You almost make me want to turn on my tv.

In the word almost, you can spell: Am Lost.


sean said...

Season one was absolutely amazing. I went through it quite quickly as well and will rewatch it once season two completes in May. There was a lot that happened and was very smart and well written. Enjoy the rush!

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