February 6, 2006

So I started off feeling pretty bad because my cognitive psychology test didn't go as well as it could have. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.

My friend Kate is getting married. She's asked everyone of our friends to be a bridesmaid except me. Needless to say, my mood quickly deteriorated.

Sure weddings are about getting drunk and having fun, but I don't get to do any planning or go out with them while they do all the planning and have a special dress and shoes and all that lame girly stuff that I would basically just die to do. But fine.

EDIT: I do know that this wedding is not about me. Yes I do know that. But it still feels bad.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That seriously sucks! And a wedding IS about you. Because you can easily get married in a civil ceremony with nobody else there (like I did). If you choose to make it inclusive to other people, it becomes about those other people, so you have to be inclusive to everyone. Does that make any sense?

Stephanie said...

Yeah that totally makes sense. I never thought about it like that before, but that is a good point.

Ashley said...

Yah, Cognitive Psychology - how you always come back to haunt me.

I remember taking that class and everyday I contemplated stabbing myself in the eyes with a ballpoint pen. The first month of class is always the same bullshit that has been regurgitated since first year, "Oh do you know what a 'conditioned response' is? In fact, do you know what a 'stimulus' is?"

Fucking Cog Psychology.

Katie said...

It's ok Steph I was kind of friends with her and I'm not a bridesmaid either so you are not the only one

Corinne said...

I understand why you feel that way but I dont know why you're suprised- this isnt meant to be mean or anything- but in the opposite situation would you have asked her to be a bridesmaid? I dont think it was meant as an act not to include you or anyone else specifically, so much as choosing the girlfriends that she is or has been in some sense close to ( i could be wrong but i didnt even think you guys liked eachother) and the fact that weddings are expensive and you can only have so many people in the w.p.

Angela said...

It's time to outshine the bride.

Midwestern City Boy said...

She has to draw the line somewhere on who to include and who not to. Perhaps you are closer to her than she is to you. At least you know who NOT to ask to be one of your bridesmaids. Weddings are expensive but they are all about the guests. Where else do guests get free food, free liquor, etc.

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