Yep, I did it again

February 7, 2006

These are my fish babies.FishBabies2
Yep, still depressed. You know what I do when I get depressed and bored out of my mind? I get my hair cut. That's right, I make completely irrational decisions and then regret them later. I chopped off all my hair today and the thing that makes me the most upset about this is that my neck is fucking itchy. Like crazy unbelievable itchiness. Urgh, I miss my hair. What the fuck was I thinking? I don't know.

In other news, cog psych midterm actually was ok now that I got my mark back and was way above average, although, the average was quite low. But whatever, I care not.

I wear a ponytail everyday of my life. Well not anymore, due to the lack of hair. At what age does it become inappropriate to wear pigtails? It fits into pigtails. I'm only 23, young enough for pigtails right?

On the plus side, I got all of the science questions correct on today's edition of Jeopardy's Teen Championship. My brother and I battle it out to see who knows anything that we should know. Yesterday's questions were hard, but today's weren't so bad. Haha, the $1000 question was "who developed the absolute temperature system" (well that was essentially the question) and it was a daily double and the chick wagered $2000 and she said Celcius. Haha, so wrong. Kelvin, (spelling?) whatever dude.


adrienne said...

mike and i battle every single day for bragging rights while watching jeopardy.
i got the kelvin question, and pointed and laughed when she said celcius... then mike said the judges would have not given it to me because mike thinks i actually said "kalvin"

he's just jealous he coulnd't think of it.

and my one and only fish baby died. it either got it's face bitten off, then sucked into the intake. or sucked into the intake, then it's face bitten off.

Corinne said...

I want to see you're hair! I'm sure it doesnt look bad- i just takes a bit to get used to new hair cut ;)

Corinne said...

I want to see you're hair! I'm sure it doesnt look bad- i just takes a bit to get used to new hair cut ;)

Corinne said...

oops- sorry, overzealousnes

yep, it's me.... said...

haircuts are a-ok -
and yes - pigtails still work at your age

Wenchy said...

I do the same thing.... cut my hair for odd reasons...

Captain Rocket said...

On monday I spontaneously cut my hair as well.

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